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Innis & Gunn White Oak Wheat Beer

Rating: 3.05

This one is a new beer from Innis & Gunn that was released in April of this year and is a rotating seasonal from the brewery that I only knew existed when I spotted a bottle on my first trip to my local Oddbins store recently. Given that I’ve tried so many of the breweries beers in the past, this one being my thirteenth from them, it was an easy decision and I quickly grabbed a bottle to try. This one is a fairly unusual offering from the brewery, it’s basically an oak aged kristalweizen from the Edinburgh based brewery that tends to do a lot of their brewing at Glasgow’s Wellpark brewery since they don’t have a brewery of their own for now. This is definitely one that I’m interested to try given it’s not what I’d usually expect from the brewery and I don’t think there are too many oak aged wheat beers out there either; it could easily go either way but here’s hoping this is a good one.

Innis & Gunn White Oak Wheat Beer

Appearance (4/5): Quite a light and very clear golden amber colour with a thumb sized, foamy white head that sits quite well on the top of the beer with some fine bubbles rising to the surface as well.
Aroma (5/10): This one smells quite like a pilsner with some clean earthy hops and a few grassy notes, there is some light sweetness coming through as well with some grain. I detected some faint spice and hints of wheat but it didn’t seem much like a wheat beer on the nose if I’m honest and it wasn’t really what I was expected save for a touch of vanilla right at the end.
Taste (6/10): Fairly light on the taste buds and not all that different from the nose either, there is some earthy malts and hops that again make the beer seem more like a pilsner than anything else. There is more sweetness here than the nose indicated but only just and I also got some vanilla and butterscotch (a common factor with almost every Innis & Gunn beer I’ve tried I think) before some hints of caramel and spice see things out, I also got a faint bit of cinnamon in there too.
Palate (3/5): Clean on the palate and fairly light, perhaps light medium bodied with fine carbonation and a touch of sweetness from around the middle onwards. The beer went down easily enough with a fair amount of spice and some faint alcohol in there too.

Overall (11/20): This one was definitely a disappointment for me, I was expecting something completely different and unusual but it came it through as a fairly ordinary beer that tasted more pale lager or pilsner than wheat ale to me. Other than some faint sweetness and vanilla towards the end, there wasn’t a whole lot to tell this apart from a standard lager and I was quite disappointed that this one was nothing more than a gimmick from Innis & Gunn it seems.

Brewed In:  Edinburgh, Scotland
Brewery: Innis & Gunn Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2015
Type: Wheat Ale/Kristalweizen
Abv: 6.4%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Oddbins (Shawlands)
Price: £2.20

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