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Meantime Fresh Lager

Rating: 3.5

This one will be my twelfth beer falling under the Meantime banner, my thirteenth if you count the bottle of  Meatime brewed Marks & Spencer London Porter that I had in early 2013, a bottle that I particularly enjoyed at the time. Their Fresh Lager will also be my first Meantime beer since finding out that the brewery had been acquired by SAB Miller in May of this year. I’ve been a fan of Meantime beers for quite some time now, they’re usually of a very high quality so it will be interesting to see how this takeover effects their beers, hopefully it will only mean they are more widely available but for some reason I doubt that’s all that’ll change. One interesting thing to note about this beer from Meantime is that when I tried it it was from one of the breweries Brewery Fresh tanks, a concept that delivers fresh beer straight from the brewery to the bar without being expossed to the elements and as a result giving a brewery fresh taste. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between this and a bottle of craft lager but it must be an improved and maybe I’d have been able to tell after reviewing two side by side. Big Easy happens to be one of around thirty places in the London area that this concept is available so it was lucky I stumbled across one of them on day one in the city.

Meantime Fresh Lager

Appearance (4/5): Light amber to golden-yellow in colour and very slightly cloudy, the head is quite a thin white one that’s more of a bubbly lacing around the circumference of the beer but it’s not particularly bad-looking for a lager.
Aroma (6/10): Light corn and some faint grassy hops kick things off with the nose, there is some citrus touches with a little biscuit and a few bitter notes as well as some background fruits coming through towards the end. It’s quite fresh on the nose with the odd lager malt making an appearance too.
Taste (6/10): The beer starts with a nice citrus taste that is a little more pronounced than the nose was, there is some grassy hops and a little biscuit as well before some lager malts make an appearance. It’s a fresh tasting beer, much like the nose, with some corn and faint background fruits as featuring here before some light bitterness sees things out.
Palate (4/5): Smooth with a medium body and fairly light carbonation, this one is a crisp beer with a smooth feel that was a nice thirst quencher and on that came with a good balance making it easy to drink from the start. There was a nice depth to it, particularly for the stlye and the touches of bitterness at the end were a nice addition.

Overall (14/20): Another enjoyable Meantime offering and a decent attempt at a pale lager from a UK brewery considering most similar beers that you see are of fairly questionable quality for the most part. The beer was quite refreshing and easy to drink with no one flavour dominating making it a drink well worth trying if you get the chance.

Brewed In: Greenwich, London, UK
Brewery: Meantime Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2013
Type: Premium Lager
Abv: 4.1%
Serving: Draught (Schooner)
Purchased: Big Easy (Covent Garden), London, England
Price: £3.95 (approx.)

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