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Dorado Double IPA

Rating: 4.35

Amazingly only my second every beer from Ballast Point now and my first since reviewing their Calico Amber Ale all the way back in November 2011, almost four years ago. This is a bottle that I grabbed whilst in London towards the end of June after spotting it, along with a couple other Ballast Point beers in the BottleDog shop from Brewdog although this was the only beer from the brewery that I picked up that day sadly. The beer is a strong one that comes in at 10% abv. along with 90 IBU’s so I’m expecting quite a hoppy, bitter one with lots of flavour. This one was first brewed back in 2003 as a brewpub, darft only offering but has since been promoted to a year round offering that has won numerous awards over the years, including Gold medals at the 2004, 2005 and 2009 LA County Fair as well as silver at the 2007 California state fair and a bronze at the World Beer Cup in 2006 along with quite a few other awards.

Dorado Double IPA

Appearance (4/5): Pouring a bright and fairly clear looking amber to orange colour with some bubbles rising to the surface and a thin, half centimetre tall head on top that’s white and covers the surface before halving in size over the first few minutes.
Aroma (9/10): Tropical fruits and plenty of sweet caramel malts kick things off here, the a nice balance between the two with some subtle alcohol notes coming through early on as well. I could detect a lot of sweetness mixed in with some strong citrus, quite a juicy aroma with some mango and apricot as well as a few further background fruits that seems to blend into one. It’s a strong beer on the nose but is inviting with nothing overpowering about it.
Taste (8/10): Much like the nose, the taste starts off with some big tropical fruit flavours that includes but isn’t limited to some grapefruit, mango and apricot with some strong pine flavours in particular showing through. It’s a strong-tasting beer with some alcohol coming through alongside quite a lot of sweetness from some caramel flavoured sweet malts and a tonne of bitterness from a strong resinous pine taste.
Palate (5/5): Incredibly hoppy with a medium body that was thicker than I was expecting, this beer from Ballast Point has tonnes of bitterness coming through with some nice sweetness in there too; there was definitely more of that from the sweet malts than I was expecting but it worked well with the hops bitterness. Naturally for such a strong beer, there was a little alcohol showing in places but the beer seems quite juicy and slightly refreshing even, going down far easier than a 10% abv. beer should have thanks to the moderate carbonation and the excellent balance.

Overall (17/20): This one was an outstanding beer from Ballast Point, it’s a shame their beers aren’t more readily available in Scotland. The beer tasted exactly like you would expect from a double IPA with a tonne of tropical fruit flavours, plenty of resinous pine and strong bitterness plus more sweet malts than I’d been expecting. The beer had a great balance and as a result I didn’t really ever notice the how strong it was save for the odd touch of alcohol in places and the ever so slightly warming feel towards the end but it still proved to be quite an easy beer to drink with a real juicy feel to it. Cracking stuff from Ballast Point and a beer I’ll definitely be on the look out to try again soon.

Brewed In: San Diego, California, United States of America
Brewery: Ballast Point Brewing Company
Full Name: Ballast Point Calico Copper Amber Ale
First Brewed: 2002
Type: Double IPA
Abv: 10.0%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: BottleDog (London)
Price: £4.50

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