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Favorit Pivo

Rating: 2.75

My first review of the many beer from my recent trip to Croatia that I managed to try along the way, this one being a beer native to the Istria peninsula and one that I wasn’t aware of prior to my trip. The beer is brewed in the town of Buzet and was one that I only ever seen whilst in Istria although I’m sure I’d have found it in Zagreb too if I’d looked a little harder. This lager comes in at 5% abv. having previously been a 5.2% abv. beer and is one that I opted to sample on only a few occasions, usually when ordering a draft beer and getting a pint of it handed to me but it’s certainly not one of the better Croatian offerings I’m afraid.

Favorit Pivo

Appearance (3/5): Clear with a slightly golden amber body that bordered on straw and was topped with quite a thin looking, foamy white lacing on the surface that was patchy, there was also some signs of visible carbonation with the odd bubble rising to the surface of the beer.
Aroma (5/10): Quite a weak smelling beer with some basic corn and vegtable adjuncts coming through as well as some light sweetness and the odd grassy hop. There wasn’t a whole lot to the nose really but some earthy malts and faint bitterness bit appear towards the end.
Taste (5/10): This one was quite a light and inoffensive pale lager on the tastebuds with some faint grassy hops and a slightly sweet taste plus some corn adjuncts coming through but in truth I struggled to detect much of anything from this one really. There was earth malts and a faint lager bitterness towards the end but that it really.
Palate (3/5): Light bodied and with a slightly sticky-sweet feel to proceedings, the beer is smooth but partially because the body is so light I believe. There was some faint bitterness coming through and it was quite an easy beer to drink without being all the memorable.

Overall (11/20): A very average lager, it wasn’t overly offensive tasting and proved quite easy to drink but that may have been more down to the heat and it being my first holiday beer than anything else. It’s not one I’d opt for again really since there are better Croatian lagers out there, although I did end up having it a couple more times on my trip.

Brewed In: Buzet, Istria, Croatia
Brewery: Istarska Pivovara
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Café Bar Cedar, Pula, Croatia
Price: 20 kuna (approx. £1.89)

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