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Firestone Walker Double Jack

Rating: 4.15

Now for a review of the fourth and final new beer from Firestone Walker that I managed to pick up a few weeks ago now, this one follows on from the bottle of Wookey Jack I recently reviewed here and is another big beer, this time a 9.5% double IPA that I’m very much looking forward to trying. The beer itself is definitely a popular one online with it currently ranked at the twenty-sixth best double IPA on RateBeer while BeerAdvocate ranks it at a respectable thirty-six so I’m assuming it’s going to be an enjoyable beer. The beer was the first ever double IPA that Firestone Walker brewed and was launched back in 2009 so it has been around for a while now, thankfully I’m getting a chance to try it now though and see how it rates.

Firestone Walker Double Jack

Appearance (4/5): Bright and clear looking with an orange/amber body and a finger-sized, creamy looking head that is slightly off-white in colour and holds quite well initially with little movement at all.
Aroma (9/10): Strong resinous pine and tonnes of grapefruit come through early on with this one, there is some orange and citrus notes too before quite a lot of tropical fruits make an appearance. I could detect some apricot and touches of mango in there as well as some caramel and sweet malts towards the end but these were definitely secondary to the strong hop presence.
Taste (8/10): Resinous pine and strong hops again kick things off here, there is some good tropical fruit flavours early on with nice grapefruit and citrus too. The caramel malts from the nose are present with the taste as well and give a nice sweetness to things, they seem stronger this time round too and the orange, apricot and mango from the nose feature as well.
Palate (4/5): This one was quite a hop-filled beer with some of pine bitterness coming through along with some touches of alcohol early on. There was  a slight tang to proceedings and the body was a medium one with similar carbonation levels and quite a dry finish.

Overall (17/20): This one from Firestone Walker was quite a hoppy and very strong tasting beer with huge amounts of pine, grapfriut and tropical fruits before some nice caramel sweetness appeared towards the end. Despite the strength and some alcohol showing, it was easier to drink that expected and the balance was good as well with a dry, lingering bitter finish. Another excellent beer from the brewery and some well worth looking out for.

Brewed In: Paso Robles, California, United States of America
Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
First Brewed: 2009
Type: Double IPA
Abv: 9.5%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £4.40

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