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K Plus Svijetlo Pivo

Rating: 1.8

Now for what will be only my second beer from Pivovarna Laško based in the Slovenian town of the same name, this one following on from the bottle of Laško Zlatorog that I reviewed here a couple of years ago after trying it in Split on my last visit to Croatia. This one was a very cheap can that I picked up in a Konzum supermarket in Zagreb and the beer is actually brewed specifically for them in Croatia as well as for Idea supermarkets in Serbia so it’s save to say I wasn’t really expecting a lot from this one. Coincidentally, I actually reviewed another very similar beer from the same brewery just over a week later whilst in Rovinj, that one was a can of Franzberg which may or may not be the same beer as this one but they did taste slightly different so I’ve split them out here regardless.

K Plus Svijetlo Pivo

Appearance (1/10): Bright and very light straw in colour with a lot of large bubbles rising to the surface and quite a thin, white head that was partially bubbly and disappeared quickly save for a tiny patch on one side of the surface.
Aroma (4/10):
Quite light on the nose with some sticky sweetness and touches of corn, there was also some straw and hay coming through alongside a faint bit of skunk and some very light grassy hops. This one was a very basic smelling beer that was cheap and full of adjuncts.
Taste (4/10): Light grassy hops, plenty of corn and some vegetable adjuncts start things off here before some bitterness makes itself known. I could detect some grassy hops and hay but both were fairly light with some light malts and some dough/bread like notes towards the end.
Palate (2/5): Thin and quite watery with subtle carbonation and a sticky sweet feel. The beer was very basic with a bland and fairly tasteless palate that was too basic and very boring.

Overall (8/20): This was a very cheap and boring beer, thankfully it feel short of being nasty but it wasn’t a great one by any stretch of the imagination. Full of cheap adjuncts and corn, there wasn’t really much going for it at all other than hinting at some grassy hops. Definitely not the worst lager I’ve ever tried but at the same time I’ll not be looking to try it again.

Brewed In: Laško, Slovenia
Brewery: Pivovarna Laško
First Brewed: Updated recipe 2011
Full Name: K Plus Svijetlo Pivo Light Beer
Also Known As: Karl Bier (4%)
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 4.0%
Serving: Can (500ml)
Purchased: Konzum (Zagreb)
Price: 5.49 kuna (approx. £0.53)

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