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Union Radler Lemon

Rating: 1.85

My third Union radler beer now, this one follows on from their Red Orange and Grapefruit varieties and is the first beer I picked up and reviewed when I made it to Ljubljana last month for a two night stay in the city. I managed to pick this variety of the local beer up in a Spar supermarket located about a mile from the brewery and it was actually the first time I’d seen it; despite the previously reviewed varieties being fairly easy to find in Croatia this one didn’t seem to be as common for one reason or another. This one also seems to have been around a little longer than the other flavours of radler from Union that I’ve tried which makes sense since lemon is a flavour I’d usually associate with this style of beer so it was surprising it wasn’t quite as popular as the others.

Union Radler Lemon

Appearance (1/5): Really light and sitting a crystal clear yellow/straw colour in the glass, this one has a tiny, bubbly white head on top that covers little more than a fraction of the surface.
Aroma (4/10): Naturally this one kick off with a strong lemon aroma and despite it being the dominate smell there wasn’t quite as much as I’d expected in truth. There was an artificial sweetness to the beer that was coupled with some basic pale lager malts and a bit of corn before some faint grassy notes and adjuncts seen things out.
Taste (4/10): There was more in the way of lemon from this one when it came to the nose, I could detect quite a lot of them with the same artificial sweetness that showed up with the nose. There was some faint grass and hay alongside a bit of corn and touches of bitterness at the end.
Palate (2/5): This one had a sticky sweet palate that came with a slight citrus tang and quite a light but not a thin body. There was good, strong carbonation to the beer with a clean, semi-refreshing finish.

Overall (9/20): Definitely not a classic radler by any stretch of the imagination and easily the worst of the three from Union that I’ve reviewed here now, the beer was quite terrible but it was miles away from the same brewery’s Grapefruit version. It was certainly drinkable but I’d have liked it to at least be a little more refreshing and for the artificial flavours to be less apparent.

Brewed In: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Brewery: Pivovarna Union
Type: Radler/Fruit Beer
Abv: 2.5%
Serving: Can (500ml)
Purchased: Spar supermarket (Ljubljana)
Price: €0.90 (approx. £0.67)

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