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Jelen Pivo

Rating: 2.0

A new country for me now, Serbia! This one is the first and so far only Serbian beer that I’ve managed to find and try, it is a beer that I managed to try in the town of Trieste in Italy, near the Slovenia border on a stopover on my way to Venice. I wasn’t aware of the beers origins when I ordered a can in a little roadside cafe but I was pleased to find out it was a new country for me when it arrived at my table. The beer is the leading brand in Serbia and one that has apparently won a few awards both within and outwith the country but it wasn’t one I knew much about when I tried it. The beer definitely wasn’t a classic but I was pleased to tick a new country off my list, here’s what I thought of the can I sampled.

Jelen Pivo

Appearance (3/5): A light and quite clear golden straw with a thumb sized, foamy white head that slowly fades over the opening minute to about half its original size.
Aroma (4/10): Corn and vegetable adjuncts are the order of the day with the nose, there was some faint citrus and bread as well but these took more of a back seat. I felt the nose was quite light overall but also skunky with some faint malt bitterness and a little sweetness at the end.
Taste (4/10): Corn and bread malts kicked things off with the taste, there was some vegetable adjuncts coming through from the nose as well and I also detected some dough but there wasn’t really anything beyond that which was quite disappointing really.
Palate (2/5): Thin and quite watery, there was an overriding blandness to this beer with light-medium carbonation and a slight tang doing little to change my opinion. There was some faint bitterness towards the end but the beer was incredibly basic and uninteresting.

Overall (4/20): This one was a terrible introduction to Serbian beer, definitely one of the worst lagers I’ve tried in a while and not one that I could recommend. There was way too much skunk showing and the taste lacked on pretty much everything, the beer was watery and bland making it a real struggle to finish despite the Italian sun making me thirsty; the fact that it was my first Serbian beer was the only positive I took from this one.

Brewed In: Apatin, Vojvodina, Serbia
Brewery: Apatinska Pivara
First Brewed: Brewery since 1756
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 4.6%
Serving: Can (500ml)
Purchased: Bar Pausa Caffé, Trieste, Italy
Price: €2.00 (approx. £1.48)

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