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Alpen Birra

Rating: 1.55

Another beer from my time in Italy earlier this year, I visited the city of Venice in August and managed to pick up a bottle of this beer in a local supermarket during my visit. The beer is one that can be considered a viable contender for both the cheapest and the worst beer that I tried over the course of my holiday, mainly down to the fact it was so bland and basic. Following on from the bottle of Birra La Bionda Lager that was brewed specially for Coop supermarket, this one is my second beer from the Castello di Udine brewery (the bottle of Birra di Frumento only appeared to be contracted brewed there so I’ve not counted that one under the same brewery) and sadly it’s not a beer that I really enjoyed at all.

Alpen Birra

Appearance (2/5): A light and slightly caramel tinged amber colour with a few bubbles rising to the surface and topped with a bubbly white head that fades to nothing after about twenty seconds.
Aroma (3/10): Essentially a cheap and basic pale lager aroma with some light malts, hay and faint grassy notes alongside some really faint citrus and basic adjuncts. There’s not really a lot to say about this one, it’s bland and quite boring on the nose really.
Taste (3/10): Grassy hops and some light citrus kick things off with the taste, there is some light malts and a touch of grain in there too. I could detect some lemon and a background bitterness around the middle before some corn and basic adjuncts seen things out; it’s definitely not a complex lager.
Palate (1/5): Light bodied and very thin on the palate but as a result also quite smooth and easy going down with only a few touches of grain. Off the back of this the beer was very bland and unexciting with too much carbonation and quite a gassy feel to it.

Overall (7/20): This one was a pretty awful beer from Castello di Udine, it was far too much like drinking carbonated water for my liking with little in the way of flavour in any sense of the word; a real disappointment and definitely one to avoid.

Brewed In: San Giorgio di Nogaro, Udine, Italy
Brewery: Castello di Udine Spa
First Brewed: circa. 2007
Full Name: Birra Alpen 7 Plato
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 3.5%
Serving: Bottle (660ml)
Purchased: Coop Supermarket (Venice)
Price: €0.65 (approx. £0.48)

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