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Karlovačko Limun

Rating: 2.05

One of the last few radlers I have to review from my recent visits to Croatia and Slovenia over the summer, this one is the penultimate review I believe and is one that I managed to sample when in the Istrian town of Rovinj in the north-west of Croatia. I picked up a bottle at one of the local supermarkets in the town after realising it was one of the few that I hadn’t already tried after two weeks in the region, it’ll actually be my fifth beer from the Karlovačko brewery but the final radler I have to review is also from them so I’m not quite done just yet.

Karlovacko Limun

Appearance (2/5): This one is the usual light yellow colour with it sitting in the glass looking like cloudy lemonade. It started with quite a thin, foamy white head that disappeared almost instantly and there was plenty of visible carbonation.
Aroma (4/10): Naturally quite a strong lemon aroma that was artificial smelling with plenty of sweetness coming through off the back of it. There was some sugars and a touch of lime but no sign of any hops. There was a light bitterness and the odd herbal note towards the end but the lemons definitely dominated.
Taste (4/10): Sweet tasting to start with a huge amount of sugar alongside the lemons that still seemed to shine through strongest. There was some lime again and the taste felt artificial with some light bitterness to go with the citrus and faint hay flavours.
Palate (2/5): Smooth but very light bodied and thin with a sticky sweet but artificial taste that came with a lot of acidity. There was a background bitterness to proceedings and quite a lot of carbonation too but it wasn’t as refreshing as some of the other radlers I sampled on the same trip.

Overall (9/20): This one turned out to be quite a poor offering in truth, it didn’t come anywhere near the heights of a few better radlers I tried over the summer and it didn’t prove to be all that refreshing either sadly. Naturally the lemons dominated but there seemed to be a huge amount of sugar too and on top of that the beer seemed quite artificial; definitely not one I’ll be looking out for again I’m afraid.

Brewed In: Karlovac, Croatia
Brewery: Karlovaċka Pivovara
First Brewed: circa. 2011
Full Name: Karlovaċko Natur Radler Limun
Type: Fruit Beer
Abv: 2.0%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Konzum (Croatia)
Price: 8.99 kuna (approx. £0.87)

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