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Modus Operandi

Rating: 3.4

A fourth beer from The Wild Beer Company now, their Modus Operandi is a beer that I’ve read a lot about and one that I’ve been on the look out for since I discovered it was one of the new beers to feature in the updated version of the 1001 Beers list. Despite the fac that I’m not working off of the updated version of the list it was still part of the reason I grabbed this one when I stumbled upon it in the Brewdog bottle shop, BottleDog, in London’s Kings Cross area on a visit to the city over the summer. The bottle I’m drinking also mentions that is used “Wild Yeast 2014” on the bottle and it’s one that I’m very much looking forward to given I’ve not tried a great deal of old ales, hopefully this one will inspire me to pick up a few more.

Modus Operandi

Appearance (4/5): A dark ruby to brown colour with a centimetre tall head that is quite creamy and had some touches of sediment sitting on it. It’s quite a lively looking beer with great head retention, there is no movement at all over the opening three to five minutes.
Aroma (7/10): Quite a sour beer on the nose to begin with, there’s a lot of yeast coming through alongside some nice vinegar notes and a little tart too. The beer has some dark, ripe fruits with some grapes, cherries and a few sugars to round things off.
Taste (6/10): A sour and tarty tasting beer with lots of sweetness to kick things off, there is some yeast in there and a few sugars as well. There was some dark fruits and grapes coming through around the middle that hints at a red wine taste before some berries and vinegar see things out.
Palate (3/5): A smooth and tarty beer with plenty of sweetness but even more sourness, especially early on. The beer semi-dry one that has a medium body and a nice tang to it as well. The beer is quite well carbonated and the balance is okay but the tart and funky flavours definitely dominate.

Overall (14/20): Not a bad effort from Wild Beer, it was definitely a tarty and quite fruity beer with plenty of sourness showing from the very start. It was one that seemed a lot like a Belgian style beer, particularly a Flanders red ale like the bottle of Duchesse De Bourgogne that I had very recently but it wasn’t quite as good as that one really. I enjoyed the beer and it went down easily but if I’m honest it’s probably not one that I’d go back to again.

Brewed In: Shepton Maller, Somerset, England
Brewery: The Wild Beer Co.
First Brewed: 2012
Type: Old Ale
Abv: 7.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: BottleDog (London)
Price: £5.00

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