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Williams Perfect Storm

Rating: 3.6

My twenty-fifth beer from the Alloa based Williams Brothers brewery and a new offering from them that was released early in the summer of this year. I managed to find the beer in an Aldi supermarket and decided to grab it based on the fact it was labelled as an ‘Epic IPA’ which had me hoping it’d bare some resemblance to the same breweries Joker IPA that I like so much. It’s not a beer that I knew existed before spotting it on the shelf which is part of the reason I enjoy my occasional trips to Aldi, they usually have the odd new Scottish beer from a notable brewery that I’ve not tried before and this one falls into that category.

Williams Perfect Storm

Appearance (4/5): This one pours a very light looking golden amber, I definitely wasn’t expecting an IPA to be so light and the body is also very clear. It is topped with a centimetre tall, foamy white head that is partially creamy and holds very well over the opening few minutes with plenty of fine bubbles rising to the surface too.
Aroma (6/10): Moderate strength hops with some touches of pine and grassy notes upfront before some grains, the odd tropical note and some biscuit malts. The beer is quite fresh smelling with some floral touches coming through and it is rounded off with citrus/lemon notes but it’s definitely not as pronounced as I’d have liked.
Taste (7/10): Floral with plenty of pine and lemon flavours hitting you early on alongside some biscuit malts and the odd earthy taste. There is some background fruits but it’s not quite as tropical as the nose with some bitterness and some grassy flavours coming through around the middle before some citrus and earthy hops see things out.
Palate (4/5): This one is a light-medium bodied beer with good carbonation and a fairly good balance and a crisp, dry finish. There is some nice bitterness coming through from the middle onwards and the beer has a nice citrus tang in there as well giving it quite a fresh feel.

Overall (14/20): Quite a nice offering from Williams Brothers, one of the better from the brewery with plenty of hops and nice hit of citrus to give the beer quite a fresh but well-balanced taste that went down well. The nose was a little lighter than I’d have liked but the taste was stronger and the flavours were pleasant so it’s one that I enjoyed.

Brewed In: Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Brewery: Williams Brothers Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2015
Type: American IPA
Abv: 4.5%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Aldi
Price: £1.49

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