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Stone Ruination 2.0

Rating: 4.0

A return to Stone now and what will be my fifteenth beer from the brewery, it’s sort of revisiting an old one into the bargain too. The beer in question is their Ruination 2.0 IPA which is a reworking of their original Ruination from 2002, a beer that I first tried back in 2011 on-tap at Brewdog Edinburgh. This version ramps the abv. of the beer up from 7.7% to its current 8.5% whilst using the latest dry-hopping techniques to maximise the flavours. Ridiculously described by the brewery as a “Liquid Poem to the Glory of the Hop”, this one was launched in April 2015 and has received a fair amount of positive reviews since then, although it’s not quite hit the heights of its predecessor so far.

Stone Ruination 2.0

Appearance (5/5): This one pours a medium amber colour with an orange hue and looks quite bright in the glass. It is topped with a great looking, creamy white head that sits just under an inch tall and looks pretty creamy, holding with excellent retention and little movement over the opening few minutes which is particularly impressive given the strength of the beer.
Aroma (7/10): This one kicks off with some nice orange and pine notes with some grapefruit coming through to a lesser extent as well before a nice fruity aroma picks things up around the middle. It’s not quite as strong an aroma as I was expecting but there is quite a few zesty notes coming through with plenty of bitterness and a fresh smell overall. The balance on the nose was a good one and I could detect the odd tropical fruit and some pineapple towards the end.
Taste (7/10): Quite bitter-tasting as you would expect, there is a lot of hops early on with some resinous pine and grapefruit most notable but some tropical fruits and orange zest appear soon after. There is a nice combination of pineapples, mangos and peach coming through and imparting touches of sweetness along with light caramel but the hops and bitterness definitely steal the show with this one.
Palate (4/5): Smooth tasting but also very bitter with touches of alcohol coming through and giving the beer a slightly warming feel that also had quite a nice kick to it. There was a medium body and carbonation levels were about the same with this one although it wasn’t quite as strong bitterness wise as I’d been anticipating (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing really) with the beer coming through quite crisp and very dry.

Overall (16/20): This one was another very nice and very hoppy beer from Stone, this one was loaded with a tonne of hop bitterness but still seemed balanced and drinkable, managing to go down very nicely and it looked incredible as well. It was quite a number of years ago when I last tried their original Ruination so my memory is a little hazy but I’m not sure this one was really any better, however both are/were excellent beers and this is one I’d definitely be tempted to try again at some point.

Brewed In: Escondido, California, United States of America
Brewery: Stone Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2015
Type: Imperial/Double IPA
Abv: 8.5%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Brewdog.com
Price: £4.50

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