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Evil Twin Molotov Lite

Rating: 4.0

My fifth beer from the now New York based Evil Twin Brewing and a beer that follows on from their Hipster Ale that I tried a few months back after picking a can up in London. This one is my only other canned serving from the brewery with the rest all being bottled offerings and it is another beer that I recently ordered from the Brewdog online store since it’d been a while since I’d last had a double IPA, although it should be noted that some list this as just an American IPA but at 8.5% I feel it falls well within the double IPA bracket. Coming in at 8.5%, this one appears to be a slightly lighter version of Evil Twin’s 13% Molotov which is another double IPA that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on at some point.

Evil Twin Molotov Lite

Appearance (4/5): This one pours a nice golden amber colour with a slightly hazy body and is topped with a fairly large looking, three centimetre tall head that is foamy and white. Retention wise the beer isn’t a bad one, particularly for a double IPA with the head gradually fading to settle about half its original size after a minute or so.
Aroma (8/10): Quite a fresh smelling beer but not overwhelmingly hoppy, at least initially anyway. This one had quite a lot of pine and grapefruit notes coming through alongside some caramel sweetness that helped balance things out early on. There was some nice touches of alcohol in there as well but these were quite minimal for the most part with some floral notes distracting you some. The beer was certainly a bitter one but there was enough malts to stop things overpowering and I managed to detect some nice biscuit notes before some mango and various other tropical fruits seen things out.
Taste (8/10): Slightly more hoppy than the nose with a nice resinous pine taste that has a floral edge to it. There’s plenty of grapefruit coming through with a citrus backing before some biscuit malts and a caramel sweetness start to make themselves known. There is some alcohol making an appearance around the middle with some tropical fruits right at the end that matches the nose well.
Palate (4/5): Smooth and medium bodied with plenty of bitterness coming through and some nice sweetness off the back of it to even things out and keep things balanced. There is touches of alcohol coming through but nothing too strong or overpowering. The palate is quite clean and crisp with a lingering aftertaste but overall the beer went down easily.

Overall (16/20): Quite a nice and surprisingly well balanced double IPA, the beer wasn’t as hoppy or in your face as I’d been expecting going in but there was some nice pine bitterness and tropical fruits coming through. The taste was a good combination of hops backed up with some mango, citrus and pine before some sweet malts and biscuit flavours started to make an appearance. Whilst not the absolute best from the style I’ve tried the beer was certainly up there and it’s one I wouldn’t mind trying again if I had the chance.

Brewed In: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Brewery: Evil Twin Brewing
First Brewed: 2014
Type: Double IPA
Abv: 8.5%
Serving: Can (475ml)
Purchased: Brewdog.com
Price: £4.80

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