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Ueli Weizen

Rating: 4.05

My third beer from the Fischerstube brewery and another from them that falls under the Ueli banner, this one follows on from their Spezial and their Robur Dunkel offerings and is another I managed to try in Basel last month, it always tastes better when it’s local after all. The beer was actually one of Switzerland’s first wheat beers and I managed to sample a touch at the brewery’s restaurant and brewpub on my first night in Basel but never had enough of it to give it a proper review so it was one that I was looking to pick up after that since I quite enjoyed what I manged to try of it. After assuming I would be able to find the beer fairly easily in one of the city’s many bars and being left disappointed, I eventually managed to find a bottle in the Drinks of the World bottle shop not far from my hotel and quickly snapped up a bottle after sampling all the beers from the 1001 beers list they had available; it’s definitely one I was glad to find.

Ueli Weizen

Appearance (4/5): Quite a cloudy beer that is hazy orange in appearance with amber tinges and a one centimetre tall head that is a foamy white but obviously not quite as big as you’d normally expect for the style. Retention wise the beer holds up okay with the head halving in size after a minute or two and then eventually turning patchy.
Aroma (8/10): Fresh smelling with some strong banana notes coming through early on that was followed by some peaches and coriander. There was plenty of sweetness coming through initially as well, I got some nice bubblegum notes alongside background fruits, cloves before some wheat made an appearance alongside some bread malts that gave the nose a nice balance.
Taste (8/10): This one was kicked off by huge banana and clove flavours and followed up by a lot of citrus and some orange zest too. The beer was quite a sweet tasting one thanks to these fruits and some bubblegum that made its way through from the nose as well. There was touches of coriander and a faint amount of lemon before some pale malts and bread started to appear around the middle followed by some apricot and various spices towards the end.
Palate (4/5): Smooth and quite a lively beer with strong carbonation levels and plenty of sweetness from the start. There was a nice, fresh feel to a beer that had a medium body with a crisp, semi-dry finish.

Overall (17/20): Quite a fruity tasting beer that was very nice on the way down and quite lively too thanks to the amble carbonation. There was a lot of flavour to this one with bananas being the dominant one without overpowering thanks to some bubblegum and various other fruits and flavours helping to balance things out; an excellent offering and definitely the best of the three from the brewery that I’ve tried.

Brewed In: Basel, Switzerland
Brewery: Brauerei Fischerstube
First Brewed: Brewery since 1974
Type: Hefeweizen
Abv: 5.4%
Serving: Draught (500ml)
Purchased: Restaurant Fischerstube, Basel, Switzerland
Price: 4.50 CHF (approx. £2.90)

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