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Absolem’s Alt

Rating: 3.75

Roughly thirteen months ago I found myself in Brewdog’s original Glasgow bar on the same day as the brewery’s first ever #CollabFest (as they called it) where all of their UK bars would team up with a local brewery and produce a one-off beer for the day. It wasn’t something I was particularly excited about at the time but since they had a couple on-tap I opted to try Westwood Stout, a white stout from Ilkley Brewery & Brewdog Leeds but it wasn’t one that blew me away. I then followed this up with a Southside Jester brewed in the Berliner Weisse style by Brodie’s & Brewdog Clapham Junction which to be honest I didn’t really enjoy but was pleased to sample a beer from Brodie’s at the time. Thanks to these less than impressive offerings last year, I opted not to get involved when Brewdog announced their #CollabFest 2015 lineup but again I happened to find myself in a Brewdog bar not long after the day itself and I this time opted for a Absolem’s Alt from Liverpool’s Mad Hatter brewery, brewed in collaboration with Brewdog Leicester and thankfully this one went down a lot better than last years offerings. The beer was only my second ever altbier and followed one from the bottle of Brewdog’s Alt. Amber prototype back in February (which has since been re-branded as Candy Kaiser).

Absolem’s Alt

Appearance (4/5): Dark copper to brown with an opaque body and a thin, foamy white head on top that is slightly patchy but does have slightly more build up around the edges and okay retention.
Aroma (7/10): This one was a slightly floral smelling beer with a few dark malts and touches of caramel coming through that helped provide a touch of sweetness as well. There was some toffee and earthy malts showing with hints of funk and dark fruits towards the end.
Taste (7/10): Starting with some earthy malts and toffee, this one features some of the caramel from the nose before the odd floral taste appears. There was a nice bitterness running through this one with some decent roasted flavours and faint spice plus a couple of dried fruits from the nose as well.
Palate (4/5): Smooth with a medium body and quite soft carbonation, this one was well-balanced with some nice sweetness working well with the moderate bitterness and roasted touches. It was a dry beer but not overly so which made it quite an easy one to drink.

Overall (15/20): This one was quite an enjoyable offering and not exactly what I was expecting from the style, although it was close to it. There was some nice floral flavours coming through with the roasted malts and earthy touches but the beer was balanced well with some caramel and toffee providing the sweetness; a nice beer that went down better than Brewdog’s Alt. Amber that I reviewed here previously but it’s not exactly a classic sadly.

Brewed In: Liverpool, Merseyside, England
Brewery: Mad Hatter Brewing/ Brewdog Leicester (collaboration)
First Brewed: 2015
Also Known As: Autumn Spiced Altbier
Type: Altbier
Abv: 5.4%
Serving: Draught (Half Pint)
Purchased: Brewdog, Glasgow, Scotland
Price: £2.65

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