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Brewdog B-Side Milk Stout

Rating: 4.0

Another new Brewdog beer now and one from the ‘B-Side’ range that has been brewed on their 10HL pilot brew kick with a view of trying out some new ideas. This one is a sweet milk stout that is nitro dispensed at Brewdog bars and is one that I managed to try in their DogHouse pub in Glasgow recently after spotting it on a previous visit and passing up the chance to try it. Despite this one not being a style of beer that I’ve tried from Brewdog before, I actually have a bottle of the brewery’s Beatnik Brewing Collective Coconut Milk Stout sitting in the house to try at some point so I should be able to compare the two once I’ve given that one a try as well. I’ve made quite a few visits to different Brewdog bars recently but this one is the first from the brewery that I’ve sampled since a bottle of their Lizard Bride, although that was only last month so it’s not really been all that long; hardly surprising since this one will be my 94th beer from the brewery to have been reviewed on this blog and number 100 won’t be too far off.

Brewdog B-Side Milk Stout

Appearance (5/5): Quite a dark, opaque beer that is pretty much a solid black other than the odd deep ruby tinge coming through at the bottom of the glass. The head is a thick looking, creamy head that’s beige in colour and sticks well to the sides of the glass with excellent retention and pretty much no reduction in size over the opening few minutes.
Aroma (7/10): Roasted malts and some nice sweetness kick this one of, there’s a bit of caramel coming through along with touches of vanilla and lactose before lighter chocolate notes and a hint of coffee makes an appearance with some sugars seeing things out.
Taste (7/10): The taste of this one is kicked off with some nice roasted malts and a touch more sweetness than the nose indicated, there is some nice vanilla and caramel notes with a few sugars thrown in for good measure as well. A couple of hints of chocolate along with a lighter coffee taste make themselves known around the middle and there is an earthy bitterness to close things with.
Palate (4/5): This one was quite a smooth beer on the palate and very creamy too, exactly what I had expected from a nitro stout in all honesty and I’m glad to see it delivered. There was some nice sweetness coming through along with a roasted bitterness whilst carbonation levels were quite soft and the beer was a well-balanced one that had a lingering finish.

Overall (16/20): This one was a very nice first milk stout from Brewdog thanks to its well balanced and very creamy palate that was complimented by some nice roasted malts and light chocolate with quite a bit of sweetness coming through with the taste. It’s probably not a classic beer or one that I imagine they’ll look to brew full-time but it was an enjoyable offering and one that I’m glad to have tried when I had the chance and before it disappears for good. That being said, if they decide to brew it again then I’d probably give in another go.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2015
Full Name: Brewdog B-Side Nitro Milk Stout
Type: Sweet/Milk Stout
Abv: 4.5%
Serving: Nitro Tap (Pint)
Purchased: BrewDog DogHouse (Glasgow)
Price: £4.55


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