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Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale

Rating: 2.85

Seemingly a new beer from Innis & Gunn, this one appears to have been introduced in late summer and will be my fourteenth beer from the Edinburgh based brewery and one I had to confirm I hadn’t tried before when I was buying it. I spotted this one in Tesco recently and after confirming that it was definitely not the same beer as their Bourbon Stout, only other beer of theirs I’ve tried with a similar name, I decided to pick up a bottle and give it a try. I’ve not had as many new ones from the brewery this year as I did last year, this one follows on from their White Oak Wheat Beer that I picked up at the start of the summer and didn’t really enjoy so hopefully this one will be a bit of an improvement. Aged over American oak that’s been infused with bourbon, this one is an American style pale ale that sits in contrast to the English pale ale’s the brewery is more commonly known for but I’m looking forward to this one nonetheless.

Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale

Appearance (2/5): A clear, light amber that hints at some copper touches but definitely isn’t as dark s I’d expected. There is a thin, bubbly white head on top that starts about a quarter of a centimetre tall and is relatively patchy but ends up disappearing completely in under a minute to leave quite a disappointing looking beer; at least the clarity is good I guess.
Aroma (6/10): Quite a sweet beer on the nose initially, the brewery’s signature butterscotch and vanilla notes come through early on alongside some nice touches of oak. There is a bit of butter in there as well with some light caramel backing it up and hints of bourbon backing them up with some background fruits in there too. It’s quite a typical aroma from Innis & Gunn and it’s perhaps a little sweet but there was some pleasantly sweet malts towards the end.
Taste (6/10): Again quite sweet, this one kicks off with some solid oak flavours alongside plenty of sweet malts, vanilla and butterscotch that falls just short of being sickeningly sweet. There was a nice bourbon kick to proceedings that was backed up with some background fruits, sugars and caramel flavours but it’s definitely the sweetness that dominates.
Palate (3/5): This one is a light-medium bodied beer, perhaps even a touch lighter and it’s a very sweet one. There’s a nice bourbon kick to it that gives the beer a warming alcohol feel that makes it seem a touch stronger than the 6% listed on the bottle whilst the finish it a crisp, dry one.

Overall (13/20): This one was an incredibly sweet beer and to be honest I’m struggling to think why it would be labelled as an American pale ale, there was none of the hops and floral flavours that you’d expect to me backing up the malts with such a beer. It was a drinkable offering but it was also a little overdone and basic with everything else struggling to be noticed really. I did detect a nice mix of oak and  bourbon around the middle and the usual butterscotch and vanilla from Innis & Gunn was present but in truth it wasn’t the best from them sadly.

Brewed In:  Edinburgh, Scotland
Brewery: Innis & Gunn Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2015
Type: American Pale Ale
Abv: 6.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Tesco
Price: £1.65

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