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Muck Savage

Rating: 3.2

My third beer from InnishMacSaint now and one that follows on from their original Fermanagh Beer and their Lough Erne Porter, the later of the two being one that I reviewed here roughly a year ago and didn’t really enjoy much. This is a new beer from the brewery that was released in 2015 and I usually make a habbit of looking out for anything new from them when I’m in Fermanagh although they currently only appear to have the three active beers that I’ve already tried. I actually picked this one up just before Christmas and sampled it on Christmas day since I was expecting big things from an Irish brewed wheat beer but it wasn’t to be.

Muck Savage

Appearance (4/5): This one is a medium amber colour and quite cloudy with a foamy, two centimetre tall head on top that is white and thick looking, holding well and forming a nice dome shape on the top of the beer.
Aroma (6/10): There is some wheat and yeast to kick off the nose of this beer, I got some lighter malts and citrus aromas coming through too before a faint hay and grassy hops smell followed on behind. There was some faint sweetness making an appearance and it was a little astringent but nothing seemed to overpower at least; it was quite a basic smelling beer with a few herbal touches towards the end.
Taste (6/10): The taste starts off with some citrus flavours and a few floral ones as well, I got a bit of sweetness making an appearance too. There was some lighter spices and coriander coming through before touches of wheat showed themselves but there definitely wasn’t as much as you would expect from a wheat ale. Towards the end the grassy hops and hay started to come through more, as did some banana and cloves that gave the beer something a little different from the nose before some subtle bubblegum flavours seen things out.
Palate (3/5): A very strongly carbonated beer, perhaps overly so, with quite a crisp and fizzy feel to it that also featured a citrus tang. It was quite a clean beer on the palate with touches of sweetness coming through but only briefly; it wasn’t anything special I’m afraid though.

Overall (12/20): This one was another average to okay offering from the Fermanagh based brewery InnishMacSaint and to be honest it was one I was expecting a lot more from really, particularly since it was labelled as being a wheat beer. There was some banana and cloves towards the end with the taste, a faint bubblegum flavour as well but in truth there wasn’t enough to make it stand out or even been easily identified as a wheat beer without some effort. It was semi-sweet with some pleasant malts and citrus flavours coming through but at the same time it did seem a little over-carbonated and it’s not one I’d go back to I’m afraid.

Brewed In: Drumskimly, Derrygonnelly, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Brewery: Inishmacsaint Brewery
First Brewed: 2015
Type: American Pale Wheat Ale
Abv: 4.5%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Reilly’s (Lisnaskea)
Price: £2.59

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