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Baltika 5 Gold

Rating: 2.95

Time now for what will be my third Russian beer, all of which have come from the Baltika brewery; I’m continuing to slowly work my way through the their range in descending order having first tried their #7 Export back in 2011 before picking up their #6 Porter a couple of years later and marking that one off the 1001 beers list. If I continue my pattern then #4 Original should hopefully be next which would be good as that is the second of the two beers from the brewery to feature on the 1001 beers list. This particularly beer is one that I picked up whilst over in Ireland at Christmas, having spotted a bottle in a SuperValu store and quickly grabbing it since at the time I wasn’t sure if it featured on my list or not and I didn’t want to take any chances of missing out. First introduced in 2002 and introduced to the UK in 2003 with other Baltika beers as a premium brand at the time, this wasn’t a beer that I wasn’t holding out much hope for in all honesty given the fact it was package in a clear bottle and because the other lager from the brewery that I’d tried (the #7 Export) wasn’t a particularly good one; although their #6 Porter was an excellent beer but I didn’t really feel this one would match that beer.

Baltika 5 Gold

Appearance (3/5): Pouring a light and very clear, golden amber colour with a thin, half centimetre tall head on top that is of a foamy texture and bone white in colour. Head retention is okay of a lager with a little lacing sticking to the sides of the glass as the middle begins to fade over the opening minute or two.
Aroma (6/10): The nose starts with some light malts and a faintly sweet aroma that comes through with touches of corn and grain. I got a little biscuit in there plus some subtle grassy hops before some floral notes and a few earthy hops start to appear without anything being particularly pronounced really.
Taste (6/10): The beer was quite standard tasting for a pale lager really with the usual grassy hops and touches of grain kicking things off before some biscuit malts and faint, mainly background hops of an earthy nature started to come through. There was a touch of floral bitterness towards the end as well but in truth it was quite a basic, if not a bad tasting beer.
Palate (3/5): Light bodied with a very slightly citrus tang that helped give the beer a dry feel, the beer was moderately bitter with a little more coming through at the end and there was plenty of carbonation throughout. The beer seemed slightly chewy towards the end with a slightly lingering bitter aftertaste but it was a disappointingly bland and unexciting beer overall really without it having a bad feel to it.

Overall (11/20): This one was pretty standard fair really, there didn’t seem to be of anything that stuck out or grabbed my attention with the beer really, other than the fact that there was surprisingly little skunk or off-flavours showing which was definitely a bonus given the beer came in a clear bottle. There was some okay lager malts and subtle hops with touches of biscuit and a faint sweetness but in truth there wasn’t much memorable about the beer and it certainly wasn’t as good as the brewery’s #6 Porter that I tried previously from them; this one was a pretty average beer and one that you can safely skip by.

Brewed In: St. Petersburg, Russia
Brewery: Baltika Breweries
First Brewed: 2002
Full Name: Baltika 5 Zolotoe (Golden)
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 5.3%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: SuperValu (Lisnaskea)
Price: £2.29

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