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Arcade Nation

Rating: 3.3

The first new beer from Brewdog for 2016, this one is a black IPA from the brewery, it was released in early January of this year and was one that I originally planned to pick up a bottle of before spotting it as a draft offering in the brewery’s Glasgow DogHouse bar. Described as a cross between an American IPA and a stout, the beer uses Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra hops whilst coming in at 50 IBU’s so it should be a fairly hoppy offering from what will be my 97th Brewdog beer (I should really make number 100 a special one I guess) and my first since trying their Bounty Hunter offering just before Christmas at the end of last year. Arcade Nation will also be a third black IPA from the brewery that I’ll  have had, following on from their CAP DOG collaboration I had in late 2014 as well as their Libertine Black Ale from way back in 2012, so despite being a style I like I’ve not tried too many of them from Brewdog.

Arcade Nation

Appearance (4/5): A dark amber colour, maybe even a touch lighter than that and topped with a thin, foamy white head that leaves a little lacing on the sides of the glass and remains covering the surface for the first few minutes at least. The beer doesn’t look to bad but I was definitely expecting something a lot darker given it is a ‘black IPA’.
Aroma (7/10): The beer kicks off with some decent strength hops that includes some pine and grapefruit as well as a little citrus in the background before  a few grains start to appear. There is some lively notes around the middle as well as some earthy hops and caramel sweetness. The end is mainly some roasted malts and a faint chocolate bitterness that is the first hint of this one being a black IPA really.
Taste (6/10): Matching the nose, this one again starts quite hoppy with some pine and grapefruit; the citrus is also present and slightly more pronounced here as well but still not overbearing. There was some nice roasted flavours coming through a little earlier than with the nose and there was some faint coffee present too. Like the nose, the beer seemed relatively fresh although not quite as lively but there was some floral touches and background fruits that did come through towards the end making this a decent enough beer without it being a classic taste-wise.
Palate (3/5): Light-medium to medium bodied but definitely a little thinner than I’d have liked without it being weak or watery. There was some nice hop presence throughout and a subtle bitterness running through the beer with a little grain showing it what was otherwise qutie a smooth beer with touches of dryness at the end; it was definitely an easy to drink beer without it being truly engaging.

Overall (12/20): This was quite a strange beer really, on the one had it was enjoyable enough without really exciting or proving memorable but on the other it was labelled as being a black IPA and didn’t seem that to be, the only exception being the faint roasted flavours towards the end of both the taste and smell. It was a nice beer but perhaps came through a little thinner than I’d have liked for the style and to be honest I doubt it is one that I’ll pick up again.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2016
Type: Black IPA
Abv: 5.2%
Serving: Draught (Pint)
Purchased: Brewdog DogHouse (Glasgow)
Price: £4.30

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