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Ich Bin Ein Berliner Ryesse

Rating: 2.65

A collaborative beer from the Belgian brewers Alvinne and Spanish brewers Laugar now, this one being another bottle I received as a Christmas gift and drank over the holiday period. The beer is (as you might have guessed) a Berliner weisse beer but it is unusual in that there is no German connection beyond the style of beer. It is a one-off collaboration that is made of 30% rye/20% wheat and is a style of beer that I manage to try only occasionally and never truly enjoy so I wasn’t too optimistic about this one going in but I tried it with an open mind at least. The beer will be my sixth Berliner weisse and my first since picking up a bottle of London Sour from The Kernel back in March of last year, so going in I was at least a little curious to see if my taste buds had changed any since I tried (and didn’t really enjoy) the last of the style I tried; here’s what I thought of this one.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner Ryesse

Appearance (2/5): A cloudy, golden-yellow colour that is topped with a thin and quite poor looking head that is white and has a tiny, bubbly lacing around the sides, even after quite an aggressive pour.
Aroma (5/10): Naturally quite a sour nose to this one but it wasn’t quite as in your face as I’d expected, there was some strong funky notes and a bit of lemon alongside some background wheat. There was a few salty notes around the middle with touches of citrus and hay coming through but overall the nose seemed subdued slightly and quite poor as well; it could definitely have been a little more pronounced.
Taste (6/10): Matching the nose, this one is again quite sour to start and comes through with a lot of funk and tart as well as some background sweetness. There is a few fruits sneaking in alongside a touch of salt from the nose and a little wheat too but the sour flavours definitely dominated here and seemed a little stronger than the were with the nose. A few bread malts along with some citrus and lemon flavours featured towards the end before a floral bitterness seen things out.
Palate (3/5): A light-medium bodied beer with a very sour feel throughout, particularly the taste. There was light carbonation with this one a quite a strong bitterness towards the end making it a little harder to drink but that’s expected from a Berliner weisse I guess. There was also some nice tart and funky patches to a beer that was quite dry on the way down too.

Overall (11/20): This one was quite an odd beer on the face of it, a Belgian brewed Berliner weisse that was collaborated on with a Spanish brewery but I can’t say it was one I was particularly looking forward to trying. It started with a lot of funk and tart coming through, particularly the taste but once it settled down some and opened up a little there was some nice citrus flavours coming through on top of a little wheat and the odd background fruit. Given it’s not one of my favourite styles to beer and the fact that I found this one a little sour and one-dimensional, it’s probably not one that I’ll be picking up again but it’s always good to try a new beer I guess.

Brewed In: Moen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Brewery:  Brouwerij Alvinne/Laugar Brewery (collaboration)
First Brewed: 2015
Type: Berliner Weisse
Abv: 4.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Beer52
Price: Gift

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