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Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit

Rating: 3.1

A fourth Magic Rock beer now and one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since discovering the brewery had released a grapefruit version of their excellent High Wire pale ale that I reviewed here back in 2013. Obviously taking a leaf out of Ballast Point’s book and offering a grapefruit version of one of their best beers, this is definitely one that I had high hopes for and seems to be a growing trend, with Brewdog also announcing recently that they’ll be releasing a grapefruit version of their Jackhammer beer as well. Another reason for looking forward to this one was because the three previous offerings that I’ve tried have ranged from very good to excellent to you can imagine my disappointment when I finally got to try this one in a Brewdog bar over the weekend; here’s what I thought of it.

High Wire Grapefruit

Appearance (4/5): This one is a medium amber colour or maybe just a touch darker and the body is a cloudy one with a thin, white lace sitting on top of the beer that covers most of the surface but isn’t particularly thick looking; there is some light lacing on the sides of the glass though.
Aroma (6/10): Sweet and quite light on the nose, this one is almost like a radler on the nose initially although it did at least smell fresh, if a little artificial. There was some strong citrus notes to open things up alongside the grapefruit that the name promised but a lemonade like aroma seemed to dominate the latter half of the nose. Some pale malts did manage to make themselves known towards the end but the beer was definitely a disappointment at this point and not at all what I was expecting.
Taste (6/10): There was a strong grapefruit and citrus presence to open up the taste of this one, thankfully it was toned down ever so slightly from the nose though and the malts seemed to be easier to detect here without really grabbing your attention. There was some floral touches and still quite a lot of the lemonade from the nose but overall it was a very basic tasting beer with some grassy hops and hay down the home straight but nothing that would have me grabbing for another can, it was just too much like a cheap radler in my opinion.
Palate (3/5): Light bodied and quite strongly carbonated, this one came through with a lot of fizz and a slightly off-putting bitter aftertaste that I didn’t really enjoy; it at least mellowed some as the beer had time to open up but it never completely disappeared sadly. There was a slight tang from the citrus that ran through the beer and it was relatively easy to drink without seeming refreshing but at least the alcohol content seemed well hidden.

Overall (10/20): This one was quite a disappointing beer if I’m honest, I’d been hoping for a lot more from with the bold tropical fruit flavours and grapefruit that I’d anticipated seemingly lacking from the beer. It reminded me a lot of more than one of the radlers that I tried over the course of last summer in Croatia and Slovenia and although I don’t mind on, it certainly wasn’t what I was looking for from this offering from Magic Rock. There was a few lighter malts sneaking in towards the end but there definitely wasn’t enough to convince me that this was anything more than a gimmick fruit beer dressed up as an American pale ale.

Brewed In: Huddersfield, England
Brewery: Magic Rock Brewing
First Brewed: 2015
Type: American Pale Ale / Fruit Beer
Abv: 5.5%
Serving: Can (330ml)
Purchased: Brewdog DogHouse, Glasgow, Scotland
Price: £4.10

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