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Orinoco Breakfast Stout

Rating: 3.95

A collaborative offering of sort here, this one is an oatmeal stout brewed by my local Drygate brewery in association with Glasgow based Dear Green Coffee Roasters towards the end of last year as part of Drygate’s Studio Brew series of beers. This one will be the eighth beer from the brewery that I will have reviewed and is my first new one from them since reviewing their Forelsket Session IPA at the brewery early last month. This breakfast stout is also actually my first dark beer from the brewery as the majority of the beers from them I’ve tried have been IPA’s so far with a couple of fruit beers, a lager and an English style pale ale thrown in for good measure so it will be interesting to see their take on this style of beer. The beer is actually one that I had spotted in the brewery’s bottle shop previously and had contemplated buying until a couple of other beers caught my attention but when I spotted it elsewhere in the city I was persuaded to by it when I realised it was part of their Studio Brew series and very likely to be a one-off, never to be brewed again.

Orinoco Breakfast Stout

Appearance (4/5): Pitch black and opaque with a thumb-sized, foamy head that is tan brown in colour and holds surprisingly well over the opening couple of minutes with only a tiny reduction in size. It’s a nice looking beer and the head actually turns a slightly creamy texture after about a minute or so.
Aroma (7/10): This one opens up with quite a lot of roasted malts and coffee as I expected going in but there was some faint sweetness off the back of the malts as well. It’s quite a rich, dark beer on the nose with a few earthy notes sneaking in alongside the chocolate that followed on from the coffee around the middle of this one. Towards the end the there was some further sweetness coming through thanks to some subtle toffee and a bit of vanilla that comes through slightly stronger.
Taste (8/10): Kicking off with some beautiful chocolate flavours and a huge amount of coffee following quickly on behind, this one is earthy with some great cocoa and darker malts coming through with some roasted touches as well. The beer was a lot sweeter than the nose had indicated with both the caramel, and particularly the vanilla coming through stronger here than with the nose. There was the odd dark fruit sneaking through around the middle of this one and I got a bit of sugar sweetness too. Overall the beer was quite rich and dark with plenty of roasted flavours but the coffee and chocolate came through strongest with the beer tasting much better than I’d hoped it would.
Palate (4/5): Sitting around medium bodied, this one isn’t as thick as usual for the style but it’s not thin early and it’s still a very smooth offering. Coming through with light-medium carbonation and a lot of sweetness, the beer is dark and very well-balanced with a subtle tang and nice complexity throughout whilst hinting at being creamy in areas too.

Overall (17/20): This one was an excellent beer from Drygate and probably the best I’ve tried from the to date, and this after me thinking that IPA’s were their speciality. The beer came through with naturally a dark roasted taste but it also had more sweetness than I’d anticipated with a lot of vanilla and some nice caramel coming through on top of the coffee and chocolate base, and a few sprinkling of sugar made an appearance too. The beer was well-balanced, smooth and creamy whilst being ridiculously easy to drink; this was one that I liked a whole lot more than I thought I would and it’s just a shame that it is unlikely to be one that the brewery will release again, although they definitely should.

Brewed In: Drygate, Glasgow, Scotland
Brewery: Drygate Brewery
First Brewed: 2015
Type: Oatmeal Stout
Abv: 6.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Good Spirits Co. Wine & Beer (Glasgow )
Price: £2.60

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