Rating: 3.65

The first review from the beers I sampled on a recent trip to Manchester now and it’s an exclusive cask offering that’s only available at two SoLIta restaurants in the Manchester area. The beer will also be my first from the local Brightside Brewing Company that makes the beer along with a couple of others that were available in the restaurant but this was the only one I was able to try at the time. As I probably mention every time I review a cask offering here, they’re not my favourite type of beer and I usually avoid them when something different is on offer but when ordering this one I didn’t realise it was a cask beer initially; luckily though it was quite a nice one.


Appearance (4/5): Sitting a light golden colour in the glass and topped with a thumb-sized, foamy white head that looked creamy and held very well, this was quite a nice looking beer and it also managed to leave some touches of lacing on the sides of the glass which was nice.
Aroma (7/10): Light citrus hops and some pale malts kick things off here, there was also some touches of biscuit and a faint pine kick to proceedings. I could also detect some background tropical fruits and touches of fresh grass but nothing was particularly strong on the nose really; still nice though.
Taste (7/10): Initially quite a fresh tasting beer with some nice pine and grapefruit flavours to open things up before some grassy hops and a faint combination of background fruits made themselves known. The beer was earthy with some floral touches and a few biscuit malts coming through from the middle onwards and a little sweetness showed towards the end too. It was definitely a fresh but also quite a mellow beer on the taste buds.
Palate (4/5): Smooth and medium bodied with a pleasant citrus tang in the early going, this one was a moderately bitter beer throughout and there was a lingering aftertaste to it too. It seemed fresh with some subtle pine hops adding to the bitterness towards the middle and overall it seemed like a balanced beer although like most cask offerings, the carbonation levels could have been stronger.

Overall (13/20): After initially being disappointed to find out this would be a cask offering after already ordering it, thankfully this one wasn’t too bad an offering and went down relatively easily from the start. It was quite a fresh, moderately bitter beer that came through with some nice citrus bursts and the odd tropical fruit coming through whilst holding a nice balance. Although it wasn’t a flat beer, the carbonation levels weren’t the best and it was definitely more golden ale than IPA but overall it was a nice beer and one worth considering if you find yourself in a SoLIta restaurant in the near future.

Brewed In: Manchester, England
Brewery: Brightside Brewing Company
First Brewed: circa. 2015
Type: Golden/Blond Ale
Abv: 4.2%
Serving: Cask (Pint)
Purchased: SoLIta, Manchester, England
Price: £3.80

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