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Baltika 4 Original (333 of 1001)

Rating: 3.2

A second beer from my recent trip to Barcelona now and again it is a Russian beer from the Baltika brewery that follows on from their #8 Wheat beer that I reviewed here last. This is another that I picked up from a Russian mini-market on my trip to the Catalonian city based solely on the fact that I knew it would be a new beer from the 1001 beers list that I’ve not been able to track down in the UK since I started my quest to drink all the beers I could from the list. This one is the second of two beers from the brewery that feature on the list, the other being their #6 Porter that I managed to try back in December 2013; it also means that I’ve now tried both the Russian beers to feature on the list given no other brewery’s managed to get a beer listed. Thankfully this one is the last review of a non-Spanish beer that I have from my trip to Barcelona and although I didn’t manage to sample as many new beers as I would have liked, I did at least manage to check a beer from the country off the 1001 beers list during my visit.

Baltika 4 Original

Appearance (2/5): Dark ruby to amber in colour and topped with a thin, quarter centimetre tall head that is a foamy texture and beige in colour that fades almost instantly to leave little more than some faint lacing around the sides of the glass.
Aroma (6/10): Quite strong on the nose and definitely malty with a lot of sweet malts and caramel in the early going. There was some nice toffee notes coming through alongside a few dark, ripe fruits that includes some dates, prunes and figs. Towards the middle bread malts and a background alcohol aroma came through, as did some berries and a hint of vanilla that added to the sweetness and sugars but it was the malts that seemed to dominate.
Taste (7/10): Dark malts and figs kick things off here with some dates and plenty of caramel not too far behind. The beer matches the nose well with a lot of sweetness showing and some burnt sugars too. Again the bread malts from the nose feature with some darker fruits and there is a touches of sweetness towards the end; nice stuff.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and quite sweet with light-medium carbonation levels that seemed quite soft at times and a wet finish. The beer had a sticky feel to it at times, probably from the strong sweetness and sugars but overall it was quite smooth and easy to drink without truly excelling.

Overall (14/20): This one was an okay offering from the Baltika brewery without being the best from them that I’ve tried thus far. There was a nice sweetness to proceedings and I quite enjoyed the sticky patches that showed with the beer thanks to the caramel malts and sugars. Overall the balance was good and it was definitely an enjoyable beer but it just didn’t seem to grab me.

Brewed In: St. Petersburg, Russia
Brewery: Baltika Breweries
First Brewed: 1992
Full Name: Baltika 4 Originalnoe (Original)
Type: Dark Lager/Dunkel
Abv: 5.6%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Mini Mix Russian Shop (Barcelona, Spain)
Price: €1.05 (approx. £0.82)

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