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Montseny Malta (334 of 1001)

Rating: 2.1

The penultimate beer I sampled on my recent trip to Barcelona now and although the trip wasn’t the best for checking off beers from the 1001 list, I did manage to try this Catalan offering that features as one of the eleven Spanish beers on the list. This one is the sixth of the eleven that I’ll have reviewed here and alongside the Russian brewed Baltika 4 Original posted here previously, this is one of two beers from the 1001 list that I managed to try whilst in Barcelona earlier this month. After much searching at various shops and supermarkets around the city, this one is a beer that I managed to pick up a bottle of when I stopped by a Carrefour supermarket on Las Ramblas one afternoon. I’d expected this one and the two other Montseny beers on the 1001 beers list to be a lot easier to find in Barcelona given they are brewed not far from the city, within Catalonia, but as it turned out this was the only one of the three I stumbled across; maybe next time I guess.

Montseny Malta

Appearance (3/5): Pouring a slightly orange-tinged copper colour with a cloudy body and a few bubbles rising to the surface, this one is topped with a foamy lacing that sits at one end of the surface and just falls short of fading completely from view.
Aroma (5/10): The nose to this one started quite sweet with a lot of caramel and brown sugar showing in the early going but there was also some funky notes and a little cherry coming through as well. Touches of spice and strong, earthy malts seemed to dominate the middle of the beer with a lot of roasted notes and some wood coming through as well before some touches of bread malts and grain seen things out. It was quite a varied aroma but it wasn’t an overly enjoyable one and it seemed quite weak at times too sadly.
Taste (3/10): Matching the nose, this one was again a very malty beer with a lot of earthy flavours and subdued hops coming through alongside some bread and biscuit flavours. There was some funk and citrus around the middle with a few background fruits that included apples and grapes not too far behind. Sadly it wasn’t a beer that I enjoyed with the taste a poor one thanks to the malts overpowering most of the rest of the taste and some wood and smoked flavours coming through towards the end to see things out but it was quite a poor tasting beer.
Palate (2/5): Sitting with a light-medium body and fairly strong carbonation, this one came through with a faint citrus tang and was quite wet with a lot of bitterness running through the beer. Sadly the balance of the beer wasn’t a good one though with the earthy malts dominating throughout and overpowering at times before some strong wood and smoke flavours appeared nearer the end and seemed to make things worse.

Overall (6/20): Another beer off the 1001 list but this definitely was an offering that I was impressed with or one that I enjoyed in the slightest I’m afraid. The beer was overly malty (even when taking the name into consideration) and the balance was quite poor with too much earthy flavours and very little else coming through; it was quite off-putting and proved a very difficult beer to work my way through. There was some okay caramel sweetness and the odd funky flavour in the early going but these were soon drowned out by the malts; poor stuff really and not one that I’d have again.

Brewed In: Sant Miquel De Balenyà, Catalonia, Spain
Brewery: Companyia Cervesera del Montseny
First Brewed: 2007
Type: English Pale Ale
Abv: 5.1%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Carrefour (Barcelona, Spain)
Price: €1.89 (£1.48 approx.)

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