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Kinnegar Rustbucket

Rating: 3.85

A fifth beer from the Kinnegar brewery based in Donegal now and an Irish rye beer that I had been on the lookout for since last summer when I tried the same breweries black IPA version of the beer, Black Bucket. This one is the earlier of the two beers from the brewery and follows on from the four Kinnegar beers I tried last year while in Ireland, the previously mention Black Bucket from last summer and three beers from them that I tried right at the start of the year as well, with their Scraggy Bay being the pick of the bunch. This particular offering is another that I managed to find when visiting Galway on my recent trip to Ireland, again grabbing it from the McCambridge’s Of Galway shop in the city and trying it a couple of nights later, whilst elsewhere in Ireland. The brewery’s Black Bucket from last year was definitely a beer that I enjoyed though and I was hopeful going into this one that it would prove to be a decent offering, worthy of its predecessor.

Kinnegar Rustbucket

Appearance (3/5): Quite a deep, almost copper amber colour and quite hazy looking. The beer is topped with a half centimetre tall head that’s bubbly and slightly beige coloured whilst holding relatively well in the early going. There is a couple of bits of sediment running through the beer as well, definitely more than I’d expected from the beer and the head eventually starts to turn slightly foamy around the sides.
Aroma (8/10): Fresh smelling with quite a few tropical fruits and pine hops coming through in the early going, there was a solid malty base to the beer as well with a decent sweetness and quite a few caramel notes. Around the middle there was touches of mango and apricot starting to come through alongside a couple of citrus bursts and the odd toasted malts, just to keep things varied I guess. There was some grain showing nearer the end with some rye and the odd oily hop coming through as well; nice stuff all round here.
Taste (8/10): This one tasted much as I was expecting following on from the nose, there was quite a few fresh flavours and plenty of tropical fruits coming through alongside some decent citrus flavours; the mango and apricot from the nose both featured here, as did some resinous pine and grapefruit flavours as well as some orange. The base of the beer was again quite malty with some caramel sweetness and bread malts coming through alongside a sticky sweetness and touches of toasted malts. The beer was very refreshing with further American style hops towards the end as well as some lighter spice.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and very fresh, this one was quite a sweet and tangy beer with a lot of citrus coming through to give the beer a zesty feel at times. There was an intensely bitter feel to the beer and it was quite dry throughout with some oily touches from the hops and a sticky sweetness thanks to the caramel around the middle. The beer had a good balance overall with solid bitterness throughout and quite a refreshing, easy-going feel.

Overall (17/20): This one was a really nice offering from Kinnegar and definitely up there with the best from the brewery that I’ve tried so far. The beer was very fresh and lively with a lot of hop bitterness and tropical fruits coming through, something that is usually missing from a lot of Irish brewed IPA’s sadly (even though this one is technically a rye beer). There was a good balance between the tropical flavours, hops and the caramel sweetness that followed and as a result the beer was a very easy one to drink. The taste was flavoursome and varied with plenty going on, the only slight negative being the amount of sediment that was showing in the glass but it’s definitely a beer I’ll be on the look out for again.

Brewed In: Rathmullan, County Donegal, Ireland
Brewery: Kinnegar Brewing
First Brewed: 2013
Type: Rye Beer/Speciality Grain
Abv: 5.1%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: McCambridge’s Of Galway (Galway)
Price: €3.95 (approx. £3.35)

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