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Rascals Ginger Porter

Rating: 3.3

My first beer from the Rascals brewery based just outside of Dublin now, this one being a beer that I’d read a little about before I arrived in Ireland and it was one that I was quite looking forward to hunting down. I eventually managed to find the beer in the McCambridge’s Of Galway store thanks to an overnight stay in Galway and was pleased to see it was available as canned offering, something I’ve not seen much from Irish brewery’s before. The beer appears to be one of the brewery’s most popular offerings, having been first introduced in late 2013 but as is often the case for Irish beers it’s still not one that I’ve seen anywhere and I doubt it’ll make it to Scotland anytime soon so it’s always nice to grab these types of beer when I can.

Rascals Ginger Porter

Appearance (3/5): Pitch black in colour and sitting with an opaque body, this one has quite a thin, foamy head that’s fairly disappointing looking and disappears quite quickly after pouring. There wasn’t much trace of the head left after about fifteen seconds save for a tiny bit of foam around the circumference of the glass but it wasn’t a great looking beer sadly.
Aroma (6/10): Quite a deep chocolate nose with some sweetness coming through in the early going, there was a couple of sugars coming through as well before a touch of coconut came through, There wasn’t much sign of the ginger promised on the can though, all I got was some roasted malts and a few hint of coffee towards the end and it was a relatively subdued nose on the whole.
Taste (6/10): Like the nose, the taste opened up as quite a subdued one with a few chocolate malts and some hints of coffee getting things started but it could definitely have been a little stronger. There was some lactose showing alongside a touch of sugar before some faint caramel flavours and a couple of toasted oats appears. Finally some of the promised ginger made an appearance around the middle but there definitely didn’t seem to be enough of it to justify naming the beer after it. Towards the end there was a light bitterness and a few spice appeared too.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and quite crisp with strong, fine carbonation and a fairly sharp feel to the beer. There was a moderate sweetness coming through thanks to the coconut and the beer seemed quite rich with a faint bitterness and light spices towards the end too.

Overall (14/20): The beer was quite a dark one with plenty of malts and more chocolate coming through than I’d expected. There was a nice sweetness to proceedings as well though thanks to the touches of coconut that made a brief appearance around the middle of the beer. The much promised ginger was absent with the nose though but some did appear come the taste, although not quite as much as I’d have expected from a beer with the same name as this one. There was some nice spices coming through towards the end, particularly after the beer had settled some but it still felt more like a chocolate porter than a ginger one.

Brewed In: Rathcoole, County Dublin, Ireland
Brewery: Rascals Brewing Co.
First Brewed: 2013
Type: Porter
Abv: 4.8%
Serving: Can (330ml)
Purchased: McCambridge’s Of Galway (Galway)
Price: €2.95 (approx. £2.47)

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