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LIVE Dead Pony Club

Rating: 3.45

Yet another new Brewdog beer now and like the Ace of Citra I reviewed last, this is another that I managed to try when visiting Brewdog’s Bristol bar over the weekend. I knew I’d have to hit up one the brewery’s bars sooner rather than later because this particular offering is one that I was eager to try when I heard they were launching it not too long ago. LIVE Dead Pony Club is the brewery’s take on a cask beer that uses a ‘KeyKeg’ to keep the beer fresh and they promise it should be an improvement on cask beers of old. The beer is a reworking of their ever-popular Dead Pony Club beer that was originally launched back in 2012, but this time new technology is used in the brewing and serving of the beer. I was excited by the prospect of this one since one of my biggest complaints when trying cask beers is that they are usually flat and quite bland at times so I was hoping this one would offer something different. The beer is currently only available at UK-based Brewdog bars due to the fact that the beer has to be drunk relatively fresh; anyway, here’s what I thought of it.

LIVE Dead Pony Club

Appearance (4/5): Pouring with a slightly hazy body, this one is quite a bright beer in the glass and is topped with a thin, white head that just about manages to cover the surface of the beer and leaves a touch of lace on the sides too.
Aroma (6/10): This one was surprisingly weak on the nose if I’m honest, I was expecting a little bit more from it but it opened up with some bitter hops and touches of pine. Nothing was particularly strong about the aroma with some citrus notes and a faint acidity coming through before touches of spice appeared nearer the end; this one was disappointing and could definitely have been a lot stronger.
Taste (6/10): The first thing you notice about the task is that it was surprisingly warm initially, it was also quite bitter too with a combination of pine and citrus hops opening things up. The taste definitely came through a little stronger than with the nose but it was still a long way short of being a strongly flavoured beer sadly, although some background fruits did feature too. The taste seemed quite fresh with touches of apricot and orange coming through but not a whole lot else really and the taste suffered as a result.
Palate (4/5): Quite a warm offering initially, surprisingly so even when compared to other cask beers I’ve tried in the past. This one came through with slightly more carbonation and a generally fresher taste than the majority of cask beers I’ve tried but it was quite a weak, almost bland tasting beer that didn’t come through with anywhere near enough variety or flavour to it sadly.

Overall (13/20): This offering from Brewdog was a bit of strange one really, mainly due to the fact that I was slightly taken aback by the fact that the pint was quite warm soon after being poured but also because it lacked a lot of the flavour and aroma that I’ve come to expect from this beer in keg and can form, all of which was lacking with this take on a real ale cask beer. There was some nice citrus hops and bitterness coming through early but in truth they were a little too subdued and hard to detect at point with parts of the beer seemed weak and watered down. It definitely seemed fresher than most cask offerings though and the carbonation was better too but I doubt it’s one that I’d go back to when there is are perfectly good keg, can and bottle version of the beer already available.

Brewed In: Fraserburgh, Scotland
Brewery: BrewDog
First Brewed: 2016 (Original beer 2012)
Type: American Pale Ale
Abv: 3.8%
Serving: Cask (Pint)
Purchased: Brewdog, Bristol, England
Price: £3.61

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