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Ace Of Chinook

Rating: 3.6

The third beer that I’ll have tried in Brewdog’s ‘Ace of Hops’ series now, although this one was actually the second beer they released in the series and follows on from their inaugural Ace Of Simcoe offering that I tried way back in March of this year. I ended up trying the beers in the wrong order due to the fact that I ordered this one online shortly before the Ace Of Citra offering was released and then ended up stopping by the Brewdog bar in Bristol and trying the beer there before opening this one. I opted to crack this one open over the weekend to distract from the massive disappointment that was the Ace Of Citra offering, a beer that seemed particularly bad given how much I enjoyed the first beer in the series, the Simcoe edition. Unlike the previous two, this one will be the first Ace of Hops beer that I’ll have reviewed that wasn’t a keg offering at one of the breweries bars and going in I was definitely hoping it would be more like the first in the series. This one will be the penultimate offering in the series from Brewdog, for this year at least, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see it or something very similar to it reappear again next year if this series proves to be a success; taste-wise it’s probably about on-par with the IPA is Dead series that it is replacing, although the only time I reviewed such a series was back in 2013 so maybe I’m not best placed to make such comparisons.

Ace Of Chinook

Appearance (4/5): Quite a light amber, this one is a little lighter looking than the Citra offering in the series and comes through with a couple of orange tinges throughout the body. The head was a surprisingly large one for the style, initially starting about three centimetres tall before halving in size but remaining quite foamy looking on top of the beer. There’s a touch of white lacing left on the sides of the glass as well with this one and head retention on the whole is pretty good.
Aroma (6/10): Some subtle citrus notes and a slightly more grassy smell comes through in the early going with this one, it’s a semi-fresh one on the nose that is mainly made up of some faint tropical fruits; there was a touch of grapefruit and some mango in there. Around the middle some hints of sweetness started to show but like the rest of the beer they seemed fairly weak and bordered on watery at point before some peach and apricot showed themselves soon after. This one was quite a balanced offering on the whole but it seemed far to light for me to fully enjoy the nose sadly.
Taste (7/10): Following on in a similar fashion to the nose, the taste of this one was a fresh one with some citrus and touches of pine in the early going. Thankfully things came through a bit stronger than with the nose and I could detect some oranges and mango with a few grassy flavours and hay backing them up and stopping things from getting too exciting. There was a faint touch of sweetness sneaking in somewhere around the middle before some floral flavours and a light bitterness rounded things off but again it could have been stronger.
Palate (4/5): Slightly weaker than anticipated, this one was a light-medium bodied beer that seemed quite lively and fresh with touches of citrus adding a nice tang but nothing seeming overly strong really. There was some faint sweetness and it wasn’t quite as bitter as I’d been expecting either but it was fluffy on the palate and fairly easy to drink.

Overall (14/20): This one was a so-so offering from Brewdog if I’m honest, it was miles better than their Ace Of Citra beer in the series but it never really hit the heights of the first in the series either with the Simcoe edition proving to be a far superior beer. There was some nice touches of citrus, pine and some lighter tropical fruits coming through but my biggest complaint was that everything could have been a lot more pronounced really. Definitely a drinkable offering but it’s not exactly one that you’d find yourself hurrying back to and it’s not one I’ll be looking out for to try again either sadly.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2016
Type: Session IPA
Abv: 4.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Brewdog.com
Price: £1.80

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