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Rating: 1.15

The first of two new Indian beers that I received as gifts recently now, this being a beer that I believe has recently launched as an Indian brewed and bottled beer aimed at the UK market in an attempt to grab some of the market that Cobra, an English brewed Indian beer, seems to dominate. I say Indian brewed as it mentions as much on the bottle but the only address appears to be another English one, I’m hoping that’s just the importers address or where the company is based but I wouldn’t be too surprised either way. As always, I’ll go with what the bottle and a couple of online reports say and list it as only my fourth Indian beer on this blog but it does follow on rather quickly behind last months pint of Lal Toofan that I tried at a local India restaurant; and as I’ve already mentioned, this came as a pair and my next Indian beer won’t be too long in following this one either.


Appearance (1/5): A really light and ridiculously clear bodied beer, this one is a faint yellow-golden colour and the head initially starts as a thin, bubbly white one but disappears completely after a couple of seconds. It’s quite a poor looking beer overall and the complete lack of head so soon after pouring was quite disappointing.
Aroma (3/10): The aroma was much as I expected, particularly after seeing what it looked like in the glass. The beer opened up with some basic corn and grain notes alongside an adjunct type sweetness and faint hay. There wasn’t a whole lot to it really but some background grassy notes and cheap malts featured nearer the end; poor stuff really.
Taste (2/10): Really cheap tasting, this one kicked off with a combination basic lager malts and a few grassy touches before a huge amount of skunky bitterness featured around the middle. It had an almost burnt taste to it and some faint sweet came through as well, not quite as much as with the nose though. The taste seemed pretty disgusting at point and was a definite struggle to drink with some grain and corn rounding things off in pretty poor fashion.
Palate (1/5): Cheap, very light bodied and thin with an overpoweringly skunky feel to it, this one was a terrible beer from the start and one that I really struggled to work my way down. There was some grains early on and a huge skunky bitterness through the middle that seems slightly burnt too.

Overall (5/20): This one was a really poor beer from the start I’m afraid, I couldn’t even finish it and obviously it’s not one I’d recommend or be going back to. The fact that it claims to be a “premium Indian lager” on the bottle must be a lie, there was little beyond a basic corn and adjunct taste that was loaded with skunky flavours and didn’t seem to have any balance to it either. Although it’s not the worst beer I’ve ever tried, it’s definitely up there and is one that I can only describe as disgusting; give this one a miss folks.

Brewed In: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Brewery: Mohan Breweries & Distilleries Ltd.
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 4.8%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Home Bargains (Scotland)
Price: Gift

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