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Brewdog B-Side Prototype Helles

Rating: 2.8

The latest new offering from Brewdog that I’ve managed to get my hands on now, this one coming from their B-Side series of beers and one that was listed on the board behind the bar as being their Prototype Helles. The beer, as you might have guessed from the name, is a helles style lager that appears to have been first introduced at their UK bars in August of this year. There’s always a certain amount of luck with regards to how good one of these ‘prototype’ beers will be going in and I was quite surprised to see a lager style one on offer so soon after the brewery released their Kingpin lager recently but given it was the only beer under 9% abv. from the brewery that I hadn’t tried when I found this one on-tap, I opted to give it a go anyway and see how it compared to the countless other lagers the brewery has released over the years.


Appearance (4/5): Bright amber with a fairly clear body, this one was topped with a thin, white head that was slightly foamy and just about managed to cover the surface of the beer, leaving a touch of lacing on the sides of the glass too.
Aroma (6/10): Starting of with a semi-sweet aroma on the nose, this one was quite light overall and I struggled to detect too much really. There was some touches of corn and a few lager malts in the early going though, before some touches of citrus featured alongside a basic hay smell. Pretty average stuff really and not one I’ll remember much about to be honest.
Taste (5/10): Following on in a similar fashion to the nose, this one was really quite a light and basic offering; especially compared to some of the brewery’s much better beers I’ve tried before. There was some early sweetness and a light citrus flavour around the middle with the usual hay and grassy hops adding a tiny bit of bitterness before some lager malts and corn came through to settle things out; really disappointing stuff.
Palate (2/5): Medium bodied and quite smooth but with fairly light, soft carbonation that almost gave it a flat feel at times. There was none of the lively, crisp feel that I was after going into this one and it seemed bland and exceptionally one-dimensional too sadly; definitely not a beer to look out for I’m afraid.

Overall (10/20): This one was a very disappointing Brewdog beer on the whole, I know it was only a prototype offering and there is still a possibility the recipe could be tweaked come before being released again but I’d be very surprised to see this one again given just how average and plain it was. Beyond an initial hit of sweetness and some basic lager style malts, there wasn’t really much of anything featured here and I had a hard time detecting anything in truth. Poor stuff from the brewery I’m afraid and, in my opinion at least, one to avoid if you stumble across it in one of the brewery’s bars at any point.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2016
Type: Helles Lager
Abv: 4.9%
Serving: Keg (Pint)
Purchased: BrewDog DogHouse (Glasgow)
Price: £4.42

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