Neon Overlord

Rating: 2.8

A sneaking keg review of one of Brewdog’s latest releases, their Neon Overlord chilli mango IPA that was released towards the end of last week and was initially one that I stopped by their Glasgow bottle shop to pick up a can of. As it turned out, a mere 24 hours after its release, I was already too late and the last can had been sold so instead I opted to try a schooner of the beer on-tap in the bar next door and see how it rated. Released alongside the latest in the brewery’s ‘Hammer Head’ series, their Chilli Hammer beer, I immediately thought the two beers would end up being quite similar and that this release was a quick way of getting rid of the excess chillies the ordered in when making the Chilli Hammer beer. I’m not usually a fan of spice or herb beers and the first thing I think of when someone mentions a chilli beers is how much I hated Cave Creek Chili Beer when I tried that one; still a beer that ranks in top 10 worst beers I’ve ever tried, although I’m assuming this one will be at least a slight improvement on that one.


Appearance (4/5): Quite a bright looking beer that sat medium amber in the glass and had pretty good clarity too. The beer was topped with a thin, foamy white head that done well to cover the surface of the beer but was more of a thin lacing that a head in truth.
Aroma (6/10): A moderate strength beer on the nose and one that opened up with some pleasant American style hops as well as some touches of citrus and a couple of pale malts too. There was hints of mango and a little of the spice that I expect to come through later as well but it definitely wasn’t the strongest aroma I’ve come across. Towards the end some touches of candy and a little sugary sweetness started to come through but the tropical notes seemed strongest without ever really dominating.
Taste (5/10): The spice from the nose is what grabs you first with the taste, there is a lot of it here and it generates an insane amount of heat that hits the lips as well as the back of the throat and immediately gets your attention. This flavour pretty much dominates the entire taste of the beer alongside some peppers and chilli and seemed to overpower for the majority of proceedings; only at the end did things subside slightly once I got more accustomed to the taste but by then it was too late. There was the odd bit of citrus sneaking through towards the end too and the odd fruity hop but the spice and heat is pretty much all you notice.
Palate (2/5): This one probably sat around light-medium bodied and as I’ve already mentioned, it came through with a lot of heat from the chillies and spice which kept up pretty much until the end. It was quite a hard beer to drink and I struggled with it initially but once it had a little time to settle it calmed down slightly and some of the background flavours started to make an appearance and I even got a hint of bitterness towards the end. There was at least an attempt to balance the beer out slightly with some citrus and a hop bitterness but neither of these worked and the spice dominated throughout.

Overall (10/20): This one was quite a strange offering on the whole, taken as a chilli beer it was quite good when comparing it to others of the style but on its own it wasn’t that great an offering and ended up being one I struggled to finish a schooner of. It started off quite interesting and the heat it generated was pretty impressive but this soon turned to overpowering and challenging meaning I came away thinking that a third of a pint or at a push, a half pint of this one would have been more than enough. It’s definitely one I’m glad I tried but it’s not one I’d have again either; it’ll be interesting to see how the brewery’s Chilli Hammer offering released alongside this one compares in the coming weeks.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2016
Type: Herb/Spiced Beer (Chili Beer)
Abv: 7.3%
Serving: Keg (Schooner)
Purchased: Brewdog DogHouse (Glasg0w)
Price: £3.48

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