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Yazoo Pale Ale

Rating: 3.8

A first beer from Tennessee for me now, this one is another I was giving by someone returning from the States recently after they picked it up in Nashville and as a result this review will take me to twenty-four out of the fifty-one states (yup, I’m including Washington D.C. as well). This was the only Tennessee beer I was given but luckily I received two bottles and have already sampled one of the, although I had that one straight from the bottle but will be giving this one the proper respect and sampling it from a glass. The beer is an American pale ale that comes in at 47 IBU’s and is one of the earlier beers from the brewery, having been introduced in October 2003 when the brewery first launched and they started bottling the stuff a couple of year later in 2005. Like most of the American beers I’ve reviewed as gifts from relatives returning from the states, this is again a beer that I doubt I’d have any luck finding in the UK and it’s definitely one I’m glad to be drinking; here’s what I thought of it.


Appearance (5/5): A slightly hazy, golden amber colour that’s a touch darker than the norm but not overly so. There was quite a good head on the beer, initially settling just over a centimetre tall and holding quite well in the early going whilst looking thick, creamy texture and white in colour; excellent stuff.
Aroma (7/10): A subtly sweet opening to the nose here, this one opens up with some light caramel notes and a few bread malts but nothing really jumps out at you. There was an earthy hop presence around the middle and some toasted malts coming through not too far behind. The balance seemed good as it opened up and a few light hops featured as well but it was the malts that dominated this one really. Towards the end a faint herbal smell and touches of citrus make cameo appearances with a small touch of bitterness in there too.
Taste (6/10): Following on where the nose left off, this opens with some solid malts and a nice sweetness with some of the citrus flavours coming through earlier than the nose suggested. There was a nice earthy flavour to the beer and some subdued hops that were backed up with a few touches of caramel that kept the sweetness going. Much like the nose, nothing really stamped its authority on the beer but the malts were the strongest flavour from the start with the same moderately bitter finish rounding of the taste as well; not bad stuff but I’d have liked it to be a little stronger if I’m honest.
Palate (4/5): Fairly smooth to start, this one comes through with a medium body and carbonation levels were about average for the style. There was a moderate bitterness running through the beer and the balance seemed decent too but perhaps this one could have been at least a touch stronger. There was some nice sweetness at the start and although it started to fade slightly soon after, it never really disappeared completely thankfully.

Overall (14/20): Quite a nice beer overall, there was some nice sweetness opening things up here and plenty of caramel malts come through in the early going too. This was followed by some nice bread malts and a moderate bitterness that was coupled with some toasted flavours. It could definitely have been at least a touch stronger but the balance was a good one and it proved quiet easy to drink as well. Not one to specifically hunt out for but it’s definitely well worth trying if you happen across it at any point.

Brewed In: Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
Brewery: Yazoo Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2003
Type: American Pale Ale
Abv: 5.8%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Price: Gift

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