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Red Horse Beer

Rating: 2.3

Time for one of those beer that I really should know better than to pick up now, this one is a bottle that I grabbed at the local Chinese supermarket over the weekend since it was the first time the store has had a new beer I’ve not tried in quite some time. This one is a strong malt liquor from San Miguel in the Philippines and will be the fourth beer from the brewery that I’ll have tried; it’ll also be the first from them since I reviewed their terrible San Mig Light offering when I was in Thailand a few years ago. Introduced in 1982 as the Philippines first extra strong lager, the beer has managed to win a gold medal at the 2014 Australian International Beer Awards as well as a trophy for the best international lager at the same awards a year later. Brewed at various San Miguel breweries across southeast Asia, the beer comes in anywhere between 6% and 8% abv. depending on where it has been brewed; this particular bottle is a 7% offering and to be honest it’s not one I’m looking forward to much; hopefully it can surprise me though.


Appearance (2/5): Pouring with a really clear body that is a watery looking amber colour, the beer has quite a lot of bubbles rising to the surface in the early going and the head disappears fast. Initially forming as a thin, quarter centimetre head that was bubbly and white, it managed to appear then disappear completely again in the space of about ten seconds.
Aroma (5/10): Surprisingly light on the nose in the early going for what I thought would be a strong and offensive aroma, this one opened with some light corn and a few touches of skunk but nothing that dominated really. There was a bit of alcohol and some grain which was to be expected but beyond that there was really only some basic vegetable adjuncts and a bit of hay. It’s not exactly a nose that you would call enjoyable but it’s miles better than I expected and I’m not as fearful of the taste as a result; a decent start.
Taste (5/10):
Opening with a slight alcohol sweetness that wasn’t too sickly thankfully and was followed by some basic vegetable adjuncts and some corn. Like the nose, this wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared with the majority of the taste coming from some basic lager malts, a light touch of hay and some background skunk. There was a faint spice nearer the end and I got some light sugars rounding things off; again not a bad beer so far, all things considered.
Palate (2/5):
Really thin and bone dry, the palate lets this beer down ever so slightly but you’d expect it to in some respects given the type of beer this one is. There was moderate carbonation to the beer but not too many hops or much bitterness at any point; I did get some touches of sweetness in the early going though and the alcohol seemed well hidden, definitely more so than I thought it would be. Despite the strength it was also a fairly easy beer to drink and went down a lot easier than I’d imagined it would going in.

Overall (10/20): This one was definitely a surprising beer and a lot better than I’d expected it to be without it turning out to be a must try or anything like that. The beer opened with a fairly light nose considering the strength of the beer and thankfully it wasn’t an offensive or unpleasant aroma, I got some touches of corn and the odd adjunct coming through alongside a basic corn and lager malt body. The taste followed on in a similar vein with only the odd touch of alcohol grain coming through and the sweetness from the nose featuring here as well. It’s not exactly a must try offering but it went down a lot better than I thought it would and it’s not one that I’d run scared of were I to stumble across it again either.

Brewed In: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Brewery: San Miguel Corporation
First Brewed: 1982
Full Name: Red Horse Beer Extra Strong
Type: American Malt Liquor/Imperial Pils
Abv: 7.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Chung Ying Grocceries
Price: £2.09

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