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Stone Enjoy After Brett IPA

Rating: 3.45

Beer number twenty from Stone Brewing now and one that I’ve been looking forward to cracking open for quite some time now, having purchased the beer around the start of the year but having been forced to wait until after the recommended opening date before doing so; since that was a couple of months ago now, it’s finally time to give this one a go. The beer in question is Stone’s Enjoy After Brett IPA (this bottle being the fourth edition of the beer), its unusual follow-up to their Enjoy By IPA that I tried last summer after picking up a bottle in London. Coincidentally this beer and the Enjoy By that I sampled both had the same date on the bottle, only the year being the difference between the two. Definitely an interesting beer here, this one flips convention on its head and recommends not drinking an American style IPA when it’s as fresh as possible but rather cellaring it for upwards of six months and then cracking it open. The beer uses a strain of wild yeast known as Brett, hence the name of the beer, that is added during bottling and slowly acts to change some of the beers properties which is why the recommended date is added to the bottle. Again this is another Stone release that I’m particularly excited about trying and I’m eager to see if it comes out anywhere close to as good as their Enjoy By offering; I guess I’m about to find out.


Appearance (4/5): Quite a light golden colour with an absolutely massive head, this one pours with a huge amount of visible carbonation and looks very active with a hazy body and plenty of fine bubbles rising to the surface. Initially pouring with an average size, centimetre or two tall head before getting overly excited and expanding rapidly to end up about three inches tall and overflowing the side of the glass. The head formed a dome shape at the top and looked quite foamy with a white colour and some bubbles up the side of the glass; retention was good too with no movement over the opening couple of minutes but it was a ridiculously large head anyway. After about four or five minutes the head started to reduce somewhat and there was a lot of lacing left down the sides of the glass.
Aroma (7/10): Quite a strong yeast nose to open things up, the beer had a definite farmhouse feel to it in the early going with some earthy hops and a touch of citrus coming through. This was followed by a combination of spices and the odd floral note that hinted at a wild ale type nose. There was some faint sweetness in there before some of the more bitter hops and background fruits started to come through. The beer seemed like a fairly dry one on the nose with some pepper and funky notes seeing things out well.
Taste (7/10): Following on well from the nose, the beer is quite a zesty and fresh one that comes through with a lot of wild yeast and funky flavours; in particular some earthy hops and citrus flavours seem most pronounced. The beer isn’t an overly hoppy one but some solid bitterness features alongside the bread malts and background fruits; orange, pineapple and some lemon all featuring.
Palate (3/5): Fresh and lively with good, strong carbonation but not quite as much as I’d expected after seeing how active the beer was upon opening the bottle; although that was definitely a positive in this case. There was a lot of zesty and funky flavours with plenty of citrus and spice that gave the beer quite a dry, sharp feel. There was some nice tangy touches at times but the beer was fairly easy to drink, all things considered, but it did seem a lot more like a saison than the American IPA that I expected.

Overall (13/20): This one was definitely an unusual offering from Stone and not exactly what I was expecting from a beer labelled as an American IPA; there was some hop bitterness coming through but for the most part the wild yeast and funky flavours seemed to dominate. There was some background fruits and spice coming through, in particular some citrus flavours and the odd touch of pineapple with quite a dry finish but it was an interesting beer nonetheless. While it’s not one I’m likely to go back to again, mainly due to the price it must be said, it was an enjoyable beer but their Enjoy By IPA still a much better offering than this one.

Brewed In: Escondido, California, United States of America
Brewery: Stone Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2014
Full Name: Stone Enjoy After 07-04-2016 Brett IPA
Type: American IPA
Abv: 7.0%
Serving: Bottle (750ml)
Purchased: BottleDog (Glasgow)
Price: £15.00

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