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Bucanero Fuerte

Rating: 2.15

My first ever Cuban beer now, this is one that I managed to try numerous times last month whilst visiting Cuba for the first time and alongside Cristal, this is a beer that I found everywhere I travelled. The beer is a pale lager from Cerveceria Bucanero, one of the very few breweries on the island and also the largest which is why I wasn’t holding much hope for this beer prior to my visit to the country. Brewed in the southern city of Holguín since sometime around 1990, the beer is known as Cubanero Fuerte outside of Cuba but it isn’t a beer that I’ve ever spotted anywhere outside of the country. This probably isn’t a beer I’m likely to see or try again outside of another visit to Cuba but it definitely wasn’t as bad as I’d expected and went down quite well in the Caribbean heat; here’s what I though of it.


Appearance (2/5): Pouring a very clear, light golden colour with some amber tinges and a lot of fine bubbles rising to the surface of the glass. There is a tiny, foamy lacing around the edges of the beer that is white and forms a single patch nearer the centre of the surface but it is definitely a basic looking beer.
Aroma (4/10): A moderate strength nose, this one is dominated by sweet malts and corn in the early going but in truth there isn’t really too much beyond that. I got some background adjuncts and a couple of vegetable notes with some further sweetness near the middle and a faint bitterness right at the end.
Taste (5/10): Like the nose, this one wasn’t a particularly complex or interesting tasting beer but in truth I wasn’t really expecting too much going in either. The beer opened with some earthy malts and a few sweet touches that hinted at some skunky flavours but thankfully those never really materialised. There was some corn and grassy hops near the middle of the beer and I got some basic adjuncts in there too with a tangy bitterness rounding things off.
Palate (2/5): Very basic and quite light, this one was definitely a standard, macro-pale lager but it thankfully wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. The beer started with some early sweetness coming through from the malts and there was a slight hint of skunk but thankfully not too much. Near the middle of the beer some grains made an appearance but overall it was a light, smooth beer that proved inoffensive and softer than expected carbonation wise but ultimately very easy to drink.

Overall (9/20): A definite basic lager but an enjoyable one for what it was; I was expecting this one to be a lot worse than it proved to be prior to opening it. The beer was light and semi-sweet with some basic corn and vegetable adjuncts coming through alongside a light bitterness and touches of hay. It was inoffensive and very easy to drink, particularly while sitting in the sun; a welcome first Cuban beer and one that I ended up going back to several times over the course of my two weeks in the country.

Brewed In: Holguín, Cuba
Brewery: Cerveceria Bucanero
First Brewed: circa. 1990
Name Outside of Cuba: Cubanero Fuerte
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 5.4%
Serving: Can (355ml)
Purchased: La Taberno, Santa Clara, Cuba
Price: 1 CUC (approx. £0.78)

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