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Bucanero Malta

Rating: 1.2

I’ll keep this review relatively short as I guess this one isn’t really a beer but since I grabbed a can in Cuba under the impression that it was, I decided to review it anyway. This one was a name I made a note of before travelling to Cuba recently as one of the beers I should try to grabbed while there but it wasn’t until I’d purchased a can that I realised the beer was in fact a malt beverage that contains no alcohol; it is listed on BeerAdvocate for some reason though so I guess that sort of qualifies it for here too. I picked this one up at the Playa Ancon beach, just outside of Trinidad and drank it later the same night back at our casa and to be honest, it was very possibly the worst thing that I’ve ever tasted. I struggled to drink even a fraction of the can, with the majority going straight down the sink but here is what I thought of it anyway.


Appearance (3/5): Opaque and pitch black in colour with a thumb sized head that is foamy and tan coloured, holding well initially before fading to leave a patchy lacing around the edges of the glass.
Aroma (2/10): A terrible smelling drink that comes through like syrupy wort from some cheap homebrew with an off-caramel type aroma following on behind. There was the odd touch of sugar and earthy malts but overall it was nasty and very off-putting.
Taste (1/10): A ridiculously sweet opening that was as bad as the beer smelt and almost as syrupy. There was some sticky sugars and cheap caramel flavours with a lot of harsh bitterness. Despite it being an alcohol free offering, this one reminded me a lot of some bad malt liquors that I’ve tried in the past; awful stuff.
Palate (1/5): Very thick and syrupy with more sweetness than I was able to deal with; this one immediately proved sickening and went straight down the drain.

Overall (2/20): Definitely up there with the worst things that I’ve ever tasted, I struggled to take more than a couple of sips of this one before the sweetness and syrupy malt flavours overpowered me. There was some off-caramel flavours too and a nasty bitterness at points but this was a terrible drink from the start and I’m amazed that any can enjoy this. The fact that this one didn’t look too bad is the only thing saving it from being the worst thing I’ve ever reviewed here but it’s definitely up there.

Brewed In: Holguín, Cuba
Brewery: Cerveceria Bucanero
Type: Malt Beverage
Abv: Alcohol Free
Serving: Can (355ml)
Purchased: Playa Ancon, Cuba
Price: 2 CUC (approx. £1.56)

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