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Rating: 1.4

Another beer that I picked up while travelling through the western half of Cuba last month, this one being a Dutch brewed beer that is brewed in collaboration with Latin Tulip based in Havana and sold only in Cuba, at least that’s what I believe to be the case. The beer is actually brewed by the Bavaria brewery of Bavaria Pilsener fame, although for the most part the beer labels itself as another Cuban offering. It’s one that I found in a government-run supermarket in Trinidad, it took a while to find something not from Cuba or Dominican Republic but sadly it had to be a cheap, European import of what was a pretty terrible beer; it is always nice to try something new though.


Appearance (2/5): The beer pours a very light looking straw colour that has the odd amber tinge coming through as well. There was good clarity to the body and the head was a thin, half centimetre one that was bone white in colour and faded to a semi-patchy lacing after about twenty seconds.
Aroma (2/10): Quite a light beer on the nose with a little bit of skunk coming through at times but the smell was a basic one with a lot of adjuncts and corn featuring. There was some faint metallic bitterness in there as well but this could easily have been mistaken for water at times, that’s how bland and weak the aroma was.
Taste (3/10): Cheap tasting with a basic adjunct type taste that was predominately made up of corn and vegetable flavours as well as some background lager malts and a typical grassy taste. There was a lot more to it that the nose but it was also a touch skunky nearer the end as well as being slightly metallic at times too.
Palate (1/5): Thin and quite watery, this one was definitely a bland tasting beer but one that thankfully didn’t have too much skunk showing. There was a faint bitterness at times and the odd metallic type feel, especially nearer the end but there wasn’t too much to say about this one really.

Overall (6/20): A very basic and quite a cheap lager on the whole, I can see why the Dutch ship this one straight to Cuba rather than palm it off on the local population. The beer was boring and unexciting, I struggled to detect much of anything at times other than some basic adjuncts and a cheap, almost metallic taste that was coupled with a background bitterness. There wasn’t too much that was terrible about it really, but then there wasn’t anything good either and it’s definitely not one I’d have again; if pushed I’d go for water over another of these.

Brewed In: Lieshout, Netherlands
Brewery: Bavaria Brouwerij N.V.
First Brewed: circa. 2000’s
Full Name: Cerveza Lagarto
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Can (330ml)
Purchased: El Fenix (TRD Caribe), Trinidad, Cuba
Price: 1 CUC (approx. £0.78)

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