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Martens Pils

Rating: 1.35

The second beer in a row that I tried in Cuba but that was imported from Europe now, this one follows on from the can of Lagarto that I reviewed here last and really didn’t enjoy; sadly this one follows on from where that one left off. This time the beer in question is Martens Pils, a Belgian brewed beer and one that actually appears to be available outside of Cuba as well; the normal version appears to be 5% abv. but the bottle I reviewed was a 4% offering so I’m not sure if the recipe has also been changed for the Cuban market. I stumbled across this beer only once during my two weeks in Cuba, finding it in a small supermarket in the coastal town of Trinidad early on in my vacation and grabbing it since it was one of the few non-Cuban beers available. Sadly the beer turned out to be another absolutely terrible offering and one that easily takes a spot on my worst beers list as well.


Appearance (2/5): This one poured a very light amber colour, it was basically golden straw with a thin head that came through white and foamy as well as looking quite bumpy on the surface. This eventually turned quite patchy after about a minute but it wasn’t the worst head retention I’ve seen.
Aroma (3/10): There was some earthy bitterness to this one in the early going but some skunk and basic grains did make an appearance too. I could detect a lot of cheap adjuncts coming through in the early going too, there was a slight vegetable aroma coupled with cheap malts that made it a basic and quite unpleasant nose.
Taste (2/10): There was a strong taste of vegetable adjuncts that opened this one up, I got some grains and a lot of corn in there too though. The beer was definitely a poor tasting one thanks to the maize and a skunky bitterness that featured around the middle before a slightly metallic taste and some watery malts seen things out.
Palate (1/5): Thin and very light bodied, this one seemed watery and bland with some strange bitterness in there too. There wasn’t much carbonation and the beer was generally quite poor.

Overall (5/20): This one was terrible from start to finish, cheap and nasty with very little in the way of flavour; I was surprised to learn that this one is also available in Belgium and not just for the Cuban market. There was a generally bad taste running through the beer with some skunky bitterness and cheap adjuncts distracting you at times but this really was a terrible beer and one that should definitely be avoided.

Brewed In: Bocholt, Limburg, Belgium
Brewery: Brouwerij Martens
First Brewed: Brewery since 1758
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 4.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: El Fenix (Trinidad, Cuba)
Price: 1.11 CUC (approx. £0.86)

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