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Princesa Clásica

Rating: 2.35

Quite a rare, pretty hard to find offering here and the final review of a beer I tried in Cuba now, I was mistaken in thinking that the Plaza Vieja Negra was the last but I’d forgotten about this one. The beer is one that I struggled to find out anything about online and I’m not even sure the name of the brewery but I’ll list it under Cervecería Princesa for the purposes of tracking here. All I do know is that it is brewed in the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba and not Holguin like the majority of the islands beers; namely them from the Bucanero brewery. The beer is one that I found at a roadside café while travelling by collectivo taxi from Cienfugos to Vinales at the end of last year, the precise location I’m unsure of but it was about forty minutes from Vinales and it was the only place I managed to find the beer on my travels. I can’t imagine this is a beer that many people outside of Cuba have tried and as such I’m glad I stumbled across it, in the end it wasn’t too bad for a cheap Cuban beer picked up at a roadside stall – it was certainly better than expected but still not great.


Appearance (3/5): A really clear, light golden colour that bordered on amber and was topped with a large, three centimetre tall head that was white and surprisingly foamy looking. There was some initial lacing on the sides of the glass and retention wasn’t too bad either.
Aroma (4/10): Quite cheap on the nose, this one was skunky and came through with some early notes of hay and basic adjuncts. I detected some biscuit malts around the middle and there was a faint bitterness in there too but the highlight was the hints of sweetness and vanilla that came through nearer the end. It was an interesting beer on the nose but still seemed quite basic despite the touches of vanilla in there.
Taste (5/10): Hay and corn open things up here alongside some basic bitterness and a bland, almost cheap malty base. There was some biscuit flavours around the middle and the odd touch of maize before the vanilla from the nose made a second appearance in the taste with a little citrus backing it up. There was definitely more to it than I’d been expecting but it was still far from an exciting offering.
Palate (2/5): Quite a thin and somewhat bland beer, this one featured some light bitterness at times and seemed a touch warmer towards the end. It was definitely a basic, cheap offering but it also seemed quite clean. There wasn’t much in the way of carbonation really but the touches of sweetness coming through were welcome additions.

Overall (9/20): Quite a strange beer and whilst still a basic offering, it was slightly more complex than I’d been expecting going in; the touches of vanilla in particular being a surprise. There was the usual lager adjuncts coming through alongside some biscuit malts but the citrus towards the end of the taste was quite nice to see. Definitely one that I enjoyed more than I thought I would and it’s worth trying if you can find a bottle but it’s not likely I’d go hunting for it again, even if I was in the Pinar del Rio area of Cuba again.

Brewed In: Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Brewery: Cervecería Princesa
Full Name: Princesa Clásica Cervesa Clara
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 5.3%
Serving: Bottle (350ml)
Purchased: Caféteria & Comida Criolla (Pinar del Rio, Cuba)
Price: 1 CUC (approx. £0.78)

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