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Gulden Draak 9000

Rating: 3.85

The second beer from the Van Steenberge brewery now and one that is a variant of their flagship Gulden Draak offering that I reviewed here around October 2015. This version appears to have been introduced back in 2011 as a special Quadrupel version of the original but one that is also a lot lighter too; it’s also one that I’ve been aware of for some time but as yet have not seen it in any shops. I managed to get my hands on this bottle as part of a gift I received over the holidays, drinking it at the very end of 2016 whilst visiting Ireland and it was definitely one I went into with high hopes given how much I enjoyed the original. Taking its name from the 9000 postcode of the Ghent area of Belgium, this one uses different malt varieties and is secondary fermented using wine yeast to enhance the beer. It’s also quite a highly reviewed beer, currently ranked as the 35th best Quadrupel on the BeerAdvocate website, placing it above the original version of the beer which doesn’t feature on the list but was still an excellent beer.


Appearance (4/5): Pouring a lot lighter than I’d expected going in, this one was a copper amber colour that was topped with a fairly nice, two centimetre tall head that’s quite bubbly with the odd foamy touch too. The head was a creamy white colour and it faded some over the opening minute or so to leave a somewhat patchy lacing but one that still managed to cover the surface of the beer.
Aroma (8/10): Quite a sweet nose with a lot of caramel and toffee in the early going that combined with some bread malts and a few sugars. Towards the middle some citrus hints and light spice started to make an appearance before a subtle floral backing showed up. There wasn’t the usual dark fruits that I’d associate with this type of beer but some pears and Belgian yeast did appearance right at the end.
Taste (7/10): Again this beer was a relatively sweet offering but it was subdued a little from the nose, there wasn’t the same caramel and toffee opening but some lighter fruits seemed to come to the fore this time around; mainly some grapes, pears and apples featured. Around the middle some of the citrus from the nose showed itself and there was some lighter touches of spice too but the beer was a lot more mellow than it was with the nose, some sugars and floral flavours seeing things out alongside a herbal bitterness.
Palate (4/5): Sitting somewhere around medium bodied, maybe just a touch lighter, this one was quite fresh and definitely lighter than I’d expected going in. It was quite a lively beer with a subtle tang at points but overall the feel was quite smooth and crisp with the alcohol content well hidden and some dryness towards the end; the was a great balance too.

Overall (15/20): This one was quite a surprising beer when I poured it, I was definitely expecting something a lot darker and with a fuller body than what I got, it’s easily one of the lightest quadrupels I think I’ve tried. The beer had a nice sweetness to it, particularly with the nose but the caramel that showed there seemed to fade more than expected come the taste which was also surprising and seemed to put the beer as more of a Belgian pale ale at times. There was a good amount of lighter fruits and even touches of citrus that gave the beer its fresh, lively feel but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the original sadly and it wasn’t quite what I’d expected; it’s still a very good beer though.

Brewed In: Ertvelde, East Flander, Belgium
Brewery: Brouwerij Van Steenberge
First Brewed: 2011
Type: Quadrupel
Abv: 10.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: North of Ireland
Price: Gift

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