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Kill Lager

Rating: 3.6

My first review of a beer from Trouble Brewing based in County Kildaire now although I have tried one of their beers on a previous trip to Ireland without actually reviewing it; I’m not sure exactly which of theirs I have already tried but their Graffiti session IPA seems to spring to mind. This one is another that picked up in Ireland whilst visiting over the holidays and I cracked the beer open in early January thinking it was about time I tried something from this brewery with the eye-catching labels. Being the only offering from the brewery available in the bottle shop I visited and given the cashier had recommended it, I grabbed this bottle thinking it was going to be a fairly standard pale lager offering but was pleasantly surprised upon opening it to find out it was a darker Vienna lager loaded with sweetness; here’s what I thought of it.


Appearance (3/5): Light copper in colour and fairly clear bodied, this one was still but topped with what was quite a disappointing looking, half centimetre tall head that was patchy and only covered about half of the surface.
Aroma (7/10): Opening quite sweet with some caramel and toffee notes before some bread and biscuit malts featured alongside some basic sugars. It was quite a predictable nose to the beer with some subtle earthy hops coming through with some floral backing before touches of toasted malts appeared. Towards the end there was a little freshness and some spice but it was generally quite a decent and balanced aroma.
Taste (7/10): Sweet to begin and coming through with a good mix of toffee and caramel flavours before the sugars started to appear. The biscuit malts from the nose featured and the floral touches seemed a little stronger here too, some grassy hops backing them up. Nearer the end there was again some toasted malts and faint citrus that gave the beer quite a nice, unexpected finish that was a slight improvement on the nose.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and a touch sweeter than I’d expected going in without being overpowering, there was a nice balance to the beer. I found this one quite crisp with a semi-dry feel to it and the odd touch of hop bitterness, particularly around the middle of the taste before the more earthy, toasted malts came through and changed this. It was a little stronger than anticipated too but carbonation levels were moderate and the beer seemed quite fresh and drinkable too.

Overall (16/20): This was a really nice beer and one that was a lot better than expected, probably helped by the fact that I’d barely read the label when I picked this one up and was anticipating a fairly standard pale lager before opening it. There was a lot of sweetness to the beer that was helped along by some caramel, toffee and biscuit flavours plus the balance wasn’t too bad either. It was moderately carbonated and quite easy to drink with some sugars and bread malts coming through and being balanced out by the odd toasted malt and floral flavour. Nice stuff from Trouble and hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a few more of their beers this year.

Brewed In: Kill, County Kildare, Ireland
Brewery: Trouble Brewing
First Brewed: 2013
Type: Vienna Lager
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Reilly’s (Lisnaskea)
Price: £2.59

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