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Dorada Especial Roja

Rating: 2.45

Labelled as a limited release and what will be my second beer from the Cervecera De Canarias brewery in Tenerife, this one has been available since late 2015 and follows on from the bottle of Tropical Bandido Cerveza Con Tequila that I reviewed here previously. Like that offering, this one is another that was given to me as a gift from family members returning from Lanzarote recently and prior to trying either beers was the one I held out the most hopes for; hopefully it doesn’t let me down and proves to be a good one. The beer itself is a Vienna lager that comes in slightly stronger than average for the style, sitting at 6.%% abv. in the bottle and will be the first Vienna lager I’ll have tried since the bottle of Trouble’s Kill Lager that I sampled just after New Year. The beer will also be my twenty-fourth Spanish offering but I’ll likely pick up at least a few more when I visit the country again later this year.


Appearance (3/5): A red tinged caramel amber colour that has quite a clear body and is topped with a decent looking, creamy white head that starts just over a centimetre tall. There is a few bubbles through the head of the beer as well and is slowly loses a bit of its height, ending up about half a centimetre tall after thirty seconds or so but it’s a better than expected looking offering without looking great.
Aroma (4/10): Definitely not as malty or sweet a nose as I’d anticipated in the early going, the aroma is a basic one with some corn adjuncts and a few lighter, almost fruity notes that are reminiscent of most pale lager without being skunky. Touches of citrus come through with a bit of hay and earthy hops in there too but after that I struggled to detect much of anything really. Towards the end the beer was quite a clean, bland one on the nose and it’s not like any Vienna type lager I’ve tried previously; pretty poor stuff really.
Taste (5/10): Thankfully the beer is slightly more to style with the taste and opens with some sweetness that comes from a combination of toffee malts and touches of caramel, t’s not an overly sweet beer but at least some was showing. This was quickly followed by citrus and lemon flavours alongside some corn adjuncts from the nose and a little hay; a few grassy hops featured as well. Some subtle background fruits and a light bitterness came through as things drew nearer to the end and I got an earthy, almost toasted malt taste right at the end too.
Palate (3/5): Quite a clean, crisp beer that was a little too bland at times as well as coming through a little lighter than I’d have liked; it was somewhere between a light and light-medium beer but it definitely seemed a touch thin at times sadly. There wasn’t anything offensive about the beer though and it was fairly easy to drink but it was miles away from the Vienna style of lagers at times and far to basic into the bargain.

Overall (11/20): This turned out to be a bit of a strange one considering it was labelled as a Vienna style lager but then failed to deliver on the sweetness or malty flavours for the most part, it also opened with a tonne of skunk on the nose that I really wasn’t expecting. The beer improved a little after being given some time to open up and allow the skunk to subside a little but there wasn’t enough from the caramel or toffee malts to make it a great one. It wasn’t really an offensive offering and the light body coupled with the crisp, clean palate made it an easy one to drink but it’s unlikely I’ll have it again.

Brewed In: Tenerife, Spain
Brewery: Compañía Cervecera De Canarias
First Brewed: 2015
Type: Vienna Lager
Abv: 6.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Lanzorote, Spain
Price: Gift

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