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Tropical Bandido Cerveza Con Tequila

Rating: 2.0

A rare beer from a Spanish island now, this one is a beer that was introduced in late 2016 and brewed on the island of Tenerife. The beer is one that I was given as a gift from family returning for Lanzarote recently and by the looks of it, the beer is the Spanish take on France’s Desperados tequila beer. I’m informed that the beer selection on Lanzarote wasn’t really up to much and I’m not really expecting anything great from this one either but it’s always nice to try a new beer that I’d not have found otherwise; I just hope it’s better than the likes of the Amigos Tequila Beer that I tried a while back.


Appearance (2/5): A clear and fairly light looking amber colour that is topped with a foamy white head that sits about a quarter of centimetre tall then fades to leave a little lacing around the circumference of the glass after about twenty seconds or so.
Aroma (4/10): The beer opens with quite a strong and skunky nose that is mainly corn and basic adjuncts but thankfully this subsided a little after a couple of seconds and the lime notes started to come through along with some sweeter malts that definitely made the beer seem quite cheap one the nose but not necessarily off-putting at least. Some lemon and citrus notes start to come through nearer the middle with the odd grassy note in there as well but after the initial skunky notes the lime was what dominated and it definitely wasn’t a great beer on the nose.
Taste (4/10): Opening with the lime and citrus from the nose, there’s not as much of skunk coming through at this stage with the taste thankfully and the beer seems a touch sweeter this time round too. I got some basic malts and vegetable adjuncts with some sharp spice around the middle before an almost lemonade like flavour came through nearer the end. It’s not a strong beer on the taste and again the lime flavours dominate, giving the beer a syrupy taste in the process too.
Palate (2/5): Light bodied but fairly well carbonated and almost gassy at times, the beer was very sweet with a syrupy feel to it from the lime which also seemed artificial. There was some skunk, particularly as I opened the bottle but it settled some after a while but it’s quite a poor beer really.

Overall (8/20): Starting as a very poor beer, particularly on the nose where the skunky notes were very strong in the early going but thankfully it settled down a little by the middle. There wasn’t a whole lot to this beer in truth save for the lime and basic adjuncts that followed the skunk from the nose, there was touches of citrus and a few grassy flavours nearer the middle but it’s definitely a basic beer and one that I’d avoid having again.

Brewed In: Tenerife, Spain
Brewery: Compañía Cervecera De Canarias
First Brewed: 2016
Type: Spice/Herb Beer
Abv: 5.9%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Lanzorote, Spain
Price: Gift

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