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Wolf Warning Swedish Lager

Rating: 2.0

My sixth Swedish beer in total now, it’s still a country that I don’t see too many beers from in the UK and as yet I’ve never visited so I’ve not tried nearly enough from beers from the country as yet. This one is a can that seems to be an exclusive offering available only in Co-Op shops in the UK and is my first from Sweden since sampling a can of Pistonhead Full Amber back in November last year, a beer that I quite enjoyed at the time and one that was definitely better than expected. I’m not  sure what to think about this one going in, the can design definitely looks good but it is another pale lager from the brewery that I’ve never heard of and it could end up going either way.

Appearance (3/5): This one poured a ridiculously light looking amber to golden straw colour that was very clear into the bargain. The head was a thin one, sitting just under a centimetre tall and it looked relatively fluffy before it faded to a thin, patchy white lacing after a minute or so with a slight bit more build up around the edges.
Aroma (4/10): A very light nose initially with little of anything coming through at first, some light straw and hay did eventually make itself known with some faint alcohol grain and hints of skunk. It’s definitely a basic lager aroma with a lot of faint grassy notes and corn in there. A hint of sweetness appeared nearer the middle but for the most part it was quite bland and weak on the nose as well as being fairly disappointing.
Taste (3/10): Following on from the nose, this one was again quite light and subdued with some basic lager malts and adjuncts opening things up with a bit of sweetness from the corn coming through slightly earlier here. Some grassy flavours, a little hay and straw made itself known nearer the middle but I struggled to taste much of anything from the beer really; it was almost like having a fizzy water.
Palate (2/5): Light bodied, bordering on thin with some carbonation but not a lot; the beer seemed a bit flat and lifeless at times. It was dry in areas as well as being both bland and boring, beyond the faintest hint of sweetness there wasn’t much of anything showing for the entirety of this one.

Overall (6/20): Fairly bland and disappointing stuff here, this one was weak on the nose and with the taste throughout; hints of sweetness and corn punctuated an otherwise water-like beer that was about as boring as it can get without being outright bad. There was a few cheap adjuncts and the drink seemed under-carbonated into the bargain; definitely a poor showing and one I’d recommend avoiding.

Brewed In: Laholm, Sweden
Brewery: Sofiero/Kopparbergs Bryggerier
Type: Pale Lager
ABV: 6.0%
Serving: Can (330ml)
Purchased: Co-Op (Glasgow)
Price: £1.89

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