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Grüner Vollbier Hell

Rating: 2.3

The second review of a helles lager in quick succession here, this one following on from the bottle of Wulle Biere Vollbier Hell that I tried last and it is another that I picked up from a small shop near my hotel in Berlin earlier this month. Again this one is a beer from a brewery that I wasn’t aware of before my trip and as far as I can tell none of their beers appears to be readily available in the UK so it’s always nice to try ones like this when I’m out the country. To be honest, it wasn’t really a beer I was hoping for much from but since the shop didn’t appear to sell many beers that appeared in the 1001 beers list I instead opted for random bottles that I hadn’t seen before and this one definitely fitted the bill. It is a Bavarian brewed beer from the town of Fürth and I was actually surprised to find out that the same brewery also brews Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen which I’ve had reviewed here previously, way back in 2001 though, and that was one that I found to be a fairly good offering; sadly this particular beer was not though.

Appearance (3/5): This one was an incredibly clear golden colour that was much lighter than anticipated, even for a pale lager which made it seem watered down initially but the head wasn’t quite as bad. The beer was topped with a white, one and a half centimetre tall head that was foamy in texture and held well in the early going, losing only about a quarter of its height in total.
Aroma (4/10): The not most pleasant beer on the nose, there was a somewhat skunky aroma to it initially with some basic corn and adjuncts following on behind, I got a few touches of hay and a subtle, almost earthy bitterness nearer the middle with some bread and basic lager malts following on behind to give an aroma that was average at best but ultimately disappointing.
Taste (4/10): Much like the nose, this one was again a very skunky beer in the early going with quite a lot coming through before some cheap malts and corn followed it up. There was some vegetable adjuncts and bread malts nearer the middle with faint hay and maize at the end but it was one-dimensional and not very enjoyable either.
Palate (2/5): Quite a light bodied but fairly crisp beer but there was far too much skunk showing throughout which effectively ruined it for me before it really got started. The beer was also quite a basic offering with little variety and too many adjuncts showing as well.

Overall (10/20): Basic stuff from the start here, this one was full of cheap adjuncts and basic malts alongside what was quite a skunky and one-dimensional taste. There wasn’t really much going for this one and I found it a struggle to get through the body so it’s probably one to avoid.

Brewed In: Fürth, Bavaria, Germany
Brewery: Tucher Bräu Fürth
Type: Helles Lager
ABV: 4.9%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Berlin, Germany
Price: €1.60 (£1.36 approx.)

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