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Marcus-Bräu Rotbier

Rating: 3.3

Now for a somewhat random beer that I managed to sample in Berlin when I visited the city over the Easter weekend, last month. This one is a beer from the Marcus-Bräu brewpub that is based in the Mitte area of the city and is a place that I stumbled by one afternoon when wandering about the area, before quickly deciding to stop in and see what they had on offer after discovering it was a local brewpub. The beer I went for was one of three that they had on-tap the afternoon I visited and is also the first review of a rotbier that I’ve uploaded to this site as well; I have previously tried some of the style though. The other offerings that day were a lager and a wheat beer as I recall and I was planning to stay for more than one but in the end decided against it, I was happy that I managed to try one of the brewery’s beers though and here is what I thought of it.

Appearance (4/5): Quite a cloudy and almost murky looking amber coloured beer that has some orange tinges running through it as well. The beer is topped quite a large, two-inch tall head that is creamy white in colour and frothy looking but manages to hold quite well initially with some good lacing on the sides of the glass too.
Aroma (6/10): Opening with some earthy hops and a subtle floral base, this one had a lot of biscuit notes coming through along with a few sweet malts. There was touches of caramel and burnt toast nearer the middle of the beer, I managed to detect a little bread at this point too but it could have perhaps been a touch stronger; a pleasant, earthy bitterness seen things out.
Taste (6/10): Following on in a similar vein to the nose, this one opened with a lot of biscuit and bread malts before some earthy bitterness and touches of spice made themselves known towards the middle. The beer was a little stronger than it was with the nose and some faint caramel managed to come through before being followed by a few sweet malts but again the beer was a somewhat basic offering.
Palate (3/5): Medium bodied and quite smooth, the beer was earthy with a subtle bitterness to it and soft carbonation. It was a little basic and the nose seemed weaker than I’d have liked but it wasn’t a bad one on the whole.

Overall (14/20): This one was an okay offering overall, it was quite a subdued beer with nothing really standing out but I guess part of that was down to the fact that the balance was quite a good one. The beer opened with some sweet malts, biscuit flavours and a touch of caramel which blended well together and made it quite an easy beer to drink but I’m not sure it’s one that I’d order a second of.

Brewed In: Berlin, Germany
Brewery: Marcus-Bräu
First Brewed: crica. 2016
Type: Rotbier
Abv: 5.3%
Serving: Keg (500ml)
Purchased: Berliner Marcus Bräu, Berlin, Germany
Price: €4.50 (appox. £3.81)

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