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BRLO Porter

Rating: 3.25

A German brewed porter now and another craft style beer that I managed to pick up in Germany recently, this one being a beer that I grabbed in a local shop in the Alexanderplatz area of Berlin on my visit to the city before sampling it back at my hotel later the same evening. Definitely a local beer, this one is brewed by the BRLO brewery based in the city and is one that I noticed is available at quite a few craft beer bars dotted about the city so my hoping was that it would be a good one. Falling somewhere between an English porter and a Russian imperial stout, the beer comes in at 7% abv. and is one that I was quite looking forward to trying when I picked it up; here’s what I thought of it when I tried it last month.

Appearance (4/5): Not quite as dark looking as expected, this one was a caramel brown to light mahogany colour that was topped with a half centimetre tall, bubbly head that was tan brown coloured and foamy. Head retention was quite good from this one and there wasn’t really much in the way of movement or reduction in size in the early going which was a bonus.
Aroma (6/10): Opening with some sweet malts and caramel, there was a couple of darker fruits making an appearance in the early going with plums and dates both featuring. Towards the middle there was a combination of sugars and raisins with a toffee malt nose nearer the of the beer which made it seem more like a Vienna lager or a doppelbock at times but it wasn’t a bad-smelling beer at least.
Taste (6/10): The taste kicks off with plenty of sugars that carried over from the nose but there was also some darker fruits in there too; most notably some plums, raisins and dates. Towards the centre I could detect some earthy hops and a solid caramel flavours but on the whole it was a fairly standard and basic tasting porter really.
Palate (3/5): Light-medium bodied and coming through with a lot of sweetness, the beer was crisp and fairly smooth but not a particularly enjoyable or interesting offering on the whole. The palate was a clean one and the beer didn’t seem as heavy as you’d expect from a 7% abv. porter which as a result made it seem slightly cheap and far too sweet sadly.

Overall (13/20): This one was quite a disappointing and fairly poor porter overall, it wasn’t quite as heavy or dark as I’d anticipated but it was far too sweet at times sadly, mainly down to the amount of sugar coming through but also thanks to the dark fruits that featured heavily as well. The main problem with the beer however was the fact that it wasn’t as advertised and came out tasting almost nothing like a porter at times, there was a lot of caramel and toffee with some subtle hops but it was also quite cheap and had a little too much alcohol showing as well; very disappointing really.

Brewed In: Berlin, Germany
Brewery: Brauerei Lemke
First Brewed: 2015
Type: Porter
ABV: 7.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany
Price: €2.25 (£1.92 approx.)

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